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On 19th December 2019, during the observance of Pradhana Anaghashtami Vrata in Mysuru Ashram, our Sadguru Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji gave us devotees once again a mega Yajna in the form of performing daily Anagha Vrata, as many times as we could, in order to achieve a target of ten million Vratams by January next year. (Update—on January 12th 2020, Sri Swamiji raised the target to thirty (30)million Vratas by devotees altogether worldwide. In addition, the special places where one Vrat could be counted as 100 included around the Audumbara Tree planted in the ground, not Bonsai in a pot, in a Tulasi Vana, in a Goshala (shed for cows) or under an Amla tree.) This is for the benefit of not only ourselves, our home, and families, our native communities and countries, but for the benefit of the entire world, as well as the universe. This kind of instruction is nothing new to devotees, since we have many experiences from following His instructions to chant Datta Stava, Datta Raksha Mantra: Om Aim Hreem Shreem Shiva Rama Anagha Dattaya Namaha, Shata Shloki Ramayana, Hanuman Mantra and Chalisa, which is still ongoing, Shiva Rudraaya Namaha Mantra still also ongoing, for world peace and our personal protection. There is nothing strange in Sri Swamiji’s wish to preserve noble souls and promote Dharma since the aspect of Lord Vishnu the Preserver, is foremost in Him, though He is the Incarnation of Sri Dattatreya, the Adi Guru.

Lord Dattatreya is the Incarnation of the Absolute Supreme God, as the personification of the Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, in One form. Therefore he is often shown as having three heads. He is commonly referred to as Avadhoota Datta, the One beyond and above all bondage, especially the bondage of Samsara, the cycle of birth and death. However, there is his householder form also, less known, when he is shown with his consort Anagha.

Why the need for this Anagha Vrata now in particular? It is most important now since it can transform the entire universe into a sinless one! In Sri Swamiji’s words:

“ This is a very ancient ritual that was extensively performed during Emperor Kartaveeryarjuna’s reign, after which it was somewhat forgotten. Lord Datta appeared in Swamiji’s dream and inspired Swamiji to bring back the ritual in 1980. Swamiji then published the book on Anagha Vratam around 1990 to make it easier for people to perform the ritual.

In Jan. 2021 we are doing Anagha Vratam in Warangal with 10,000 couples.”

Origin of Anagha Vrata

Lord Dattatreya Himself taught Emperor Kartaveeryarjuna and performed this ritual for him after the Emperor had served Him meticulously, humbly and sincerely. Afterwards, Kartaveeryarjuna who was born with two weak, crooked arms, was blessed by Lord Dattatreya with one thousand powerful arms! He was also blessed with other boons , including eventual liberation or moksha at the time of his death at hands of a warrior who was his equal. Sri Swamiji continued:

Great significance of Anagha Vrata

“ He (Kartaveeryarjuna) gained supreme knowledge and the eight yogic accomplishments or ashta siddhis. For ten thousand years, Kartaveerya performed Anagha Vratam everyday with each of his thousand hands. That is why his kingdom was prosperous. There was no sorrow in his kingdom. After that, thousands of kings performed the Anagha Vratam.


Wherever Anagha Vrata was performed, the kingdoms were safe and peaceful and had timely rains, because Lord Datta is Himself Maha Vishnu, Maha Brahma and Sada Shiva; and Goddess Anagha, the Mother of Yoga/ Yoga Mata, is Herself Maha Saraswati, Maha Lakshmi and Durgi Parameshwari or Parvati. Those who had lost kingdoms regained them and those who had no children could beget children. And in case they just could not have children, they learned to live with great peace of mind after performing Anagha Vratam.”

On December 21st, Sri Swamiji reiterated: “ Lord Datta first gave this Vrata to His dearest disciple Kaartaveeryarjuna and it was performed with utmost sincerity by him. He was blessed with 1000 arms and all forms of wealth and prosperity. When this is the case, there is no doubt that our trivial wishes will be fulfilled by observing this Vrata. In addition to fulfilling the wishes of devotees, this Vrata also brings about a transformation in the hearts of the devotees. It not only fulfills desires, but also makes them tread the righteous path. It destroys the sins that are committed in thought, in speech and in action. It removes difficulties and obstacles, enabling the fructification of noble intentions (sat-sankalpa)."

Photo Courtesy Avadhoota Dattapeetham

On January 6, 2021, on Pradhana Anaghashtami in Warangal, Swamiji wishes that 10,000 people perform this Anagha Vratam.

Lord Dattatreya’s Blessings when the Vratam is performed with utmost faith, concentration and pure devotion (Summary of Sri Swamiji’s Discourse , which includes general guidelines:

1. “ Lord Datta in the form of Yoga is uplifting all the worlds. To bless those caught in this cycle of birth and death, the Lord appears alongside Goddess Anagha and receives Anagha Vratam.

2. There are no barriers of caste , creed, nationality, race or status. Anyone can perform it regardless of their marital status, singles, widows and widowers also, regardless of who is their favourite deity, whether Sri Ram, Shiva, Devi etc.

3. This is the most powerful of all rituals because the Trinity of Godhead as well as the Trinity of Goddesses are present. That is its specialty. Other rituals are performed only to individual deities. Anagha Vratam is greater than Ananta Padmanabha Vratam, Sri Satyanarayana Vratam or Sri Varalakshmi Vratam and the like-- though they are also great--, because all Gods are present in Anagha Vratam.

4. People gain great peace of mind, gainful employment, those who desire get married, and wishes are fulfilled.

5. Difficulties are solved, or courage gained to face them.

6. Sins and sorrows will be removed.

7. Anagha Vratam bestows good energy , powerful memory, good health and peace—all of which are important for our lives. Many people have money, fame, name but no peace. They always suffer from some physical ailments. They find no peace and contentment.

8. In the ancient times, Kartaveeryarjuna and his citizens performed this Vrata everyday and strengthened their memory and energy. They gained great knowledge and prosperity.

Why participate ?

We need to protect this world. Everywhere, there is calamity and lack of peace. There are always altercations. We do not lead normal lives anymore. The world is weeping. People do not enjoy good health either. The circumstances we live in are not very good. We need prayers for the peace and protection of the planet. The immense benefits of Anagha Vratam cannot be put in words. There are struggles and sorrows everywhere in the world. The environment is unhealthy.

We need Anagha Vratam to earn God’s Grace and for peace and well-being at home and individually.

Can you not spend 30 minutes to perform daily Anagha Vratam at home? ….By the third day, you will want to learn the story of Anagha Vratam.

If you perform Anagha Vratam with devotion, you will definitely be blessed with fulfilment of desires. … I (Swamiji) like this Vratam a lot. It is the best medicine for your problems, questions, confusions. Please Do Anagha Vratam.”

Sri Swamiji and Anagha Vrata Altar
Photo Courtesy Avadhoota Dattapeetham

Guidelines from Sri Swamiji on Anagha Vratam. December 31, 2019, Jgd

1. Toram must be placed in Puja each time and worshipped. Make a large number of them and use a fresh one each time- white, Yellow, and red threads of same length to go around the right wrist to be tied. Put one knot in the middle of the set of 3 threads. If you do Puja 6 times a day, tie one each time. Keep overnight and remove.

2. Naivedyam- food offering must be made each time you do the Puja. Panchakajaya is the most favoured. You may make a large quantity and offer a little bit each time you do Puja. But if it is not possible to prepare the special offering, any fruit, sattvic food or even some sugar will do.

3. During travel just keep a tiny chart the size of a coaster in your palm and do Puja by just touching the chart where the deities are placed. No need for rice even.

4. Doing the Puja at the following locations multiplies the effect 100 times and each session counts as 100 rounds and may be reported as such:

A. River bank. B. Seashore. C. At a natural lake. D. At a fresh water spring. E. At a waterfall. F. In any of the 12 jyotirlingam temples. G. In any of the 18 shatipeethams. H. The 5 Ashrama temples. I. The 7 Mukti cities like Kasi, Ayodhya, Haridwar, Ujjain, Dwaraka, Avantika, Mathura. J. On a hilltop. Offer the fruits of the puja to the area in which it is done.

5. Performing in Datta Temples is highly beneficial but does not increase the count as above.

6. While doing at the above special locations, a couple has to do at the main altar set up with kalashas and coconuts. Others may use printed yantras. Fresh food must be served there to all participants. Either prepared on site, or carried from home fresh.

7. Each round some dakshina, cash offering must be made. Collect it all and donate to a Datta Temple.

8. No fees should be collected for officiating as priests.

9. Anyone can officiate as priests, girls and women too.

10. It is best to memorize the procedure.

11. Ages 3-100 plus are qualified. Should be able to sit and offer the rice grains in the proper locations at the proper times.

12. This is not a Hindu Puja. It is a human Puja.

13. This Puja is all science. The 8 siddhis represent different aspects of human potential.

14. If using Kalasha, no need for water. Place a coin and some grains of rice. Eliminates the need for changing water.

15. Mango leaves may be used in kalashas if available. If fresh ones are not available, leave the dry ones in.

16. Give free charts to the needy and interested new comers.

17. Devotees must not grab charts for free. Pay a nominal amount to the ashram and take. Purchase extra ones to share with new people.

18. If the goal of 1 crore Pujas is not met, SWAMIJI will observe mouna for 3 months. He may still travel to different Ashramas. He will not speak, read or write messages.

19. Everyone must take this Vrata Deeksha seriously.

20. Non veg items including eggs are forbidden during this austerity. Even eating them in restaurants is not permitted.

21. Men must wash their head daily. Women who have no problem drying their hair should also wash daily. Those for whom it is a problem may wash hair every few days as per convenience.

22. Daily bath/shower is mandatory. No need to fast before Puja.

23. After using the restroom/toilet, hands, feet and face must be rinsed. Rinse the mouth and say 3 times: Vishnur vishnur vishnuhu for purification prior to resuming Puja.

24. The human body is represented in the Anagha Yantra or chart (or Bedi with kalashas in the eight Directions,) upon which the puja takes place.

Sri Guru Datta

More Anagha Vrata Puja Guidelines (Source: Dattavani , Sri Swamiji’s discourse, Dec. 21.


1. Puja utensils and items as per 16 step Puja, together with 10 kalashas and 10 dry coconuts are needed, if doing full Puja by sea or special places or even at home. If doing the shorter version with or without video:

Video Courtesy Hira Duvvuri

1. The Anagha Vrata chart or Yantra,

2. Akshata or simple white rice with just a touch of hardi since it should be offered to birds, animals afterwards,

3. Deya lit at beginning as usual,

4. Lota with water,

5. Small vessel with water for purifying oneself or puja participants,

6. Flowers or betel nuts if desired to represent the sons of the Anagha couple in the specific directions on the chart, or rice alone could be used for Stapana or Prana Pratishta, (invoking the deities and their sons,) rice alone could be used for all offerings if it is not possible or convenient to use deyas, etc.,

7. Two Lights, one for deepam, incense for doopam

8. Naivedyam—Panchakajaya (parched split chana gram, dry coconut(dessicated) in tiny pieces, a couple dates, jaggery/brown sugar, and a little ghee—all ground together), or fruits, or even sattvic food for your consumption later).

9. Camphor light for arathi

10. List of names for Anagha Swami and Anagha Lakshmi if desired .

For devotees’ convenience, out of compassion for us, Sri Swamiji has given permission also to use only the following 16 names of Sri Anagha Datta and Sri Anagha Lakshmi, at home, instead of the full 108 Names of each for the Ashtottara Nama puja step. Those who have difficulty with the mantras can also use the short video on Facebook or Soundcloud and perform the puja while listening to it, making the appropriate offerings or just offering rice alone for the specific mantra.

Atha Shodasha Namani(16 names of Lord Datta and Anagha Devi)

Sri Anaghaya

1. śrī anaghāya namah 2. śrī trividhāgha vidāriṇe namah 3. śrī lakṣmīrūpānagheśāya namah 4. śrī saccidānanda śāline namaḥ 5. śrī dattātreyāya namah 6. śrī haraye namaḥ 7. śrī kṛṣṇāya namaḥ 8. śrī unmattāya namaḥ 9. śrī ānanda dāyakāya namaḥ 10. śrī digambarāya namaḥ 11. śrī munaye namaḥ 12. śrī bālāya namaḥ 13. śrī piśācāya namaḥ 14. śrī jñānasāgarāya namaḥ 15. śrī mahā bhaya nivāriṇe namaḥ 16. śrī sadguruve namaḥ

Atha Anaghā Lakṣmyāḥ

1. śrī anaghāyai namaḥ 2. śrī mahālakṣmyai namaḥ 3. śrī yogeśāyai namaḥ 4. śrī yoga śakti svarūpiṇyai namaḥ 5. śrī tāpasīveṣa dhāriṇyai namaḥ 6. śrī nānā ratna sudīptaye namaḥ 7. śrī vedamātre namaḥ 8. śrī śūbhāyai namaḥ 9. śrī gṛha dāyai namaḥ 10. śrī patnī dāyai namaḥ 11. śrī putradāyai namaḥ 12. śrī sarva kāma pūraṇāyai namaḥ 13. śrī pravāsi bandhu samyoga dāyikāyai namaḥ 14. śrī lokamatre namaḥ 15. śrī kārtavīrya vrata prīta mataye namaḥ 16. śrī sarvasiddhi kṛte namaḥ

This Vrata can be performed anywhere clean or convenient in your home. If you wish, after you perform it you can place the the Vrata Chart in a safe place and use the room/space as usual after each puja. There is no Udshvasana ( revoking the divinity from the Yantra/chart/ Kalasha).

11. At the end of each puja chant ‘OM Kaartaveeryarjunaya Namaha’ 3 times if you cannot read the Vrata stories each day. At least once a week read them fully.

12. Perform the Vrata as many times as possible in the day. Groups can gather and perform it. Submit the counts of the number performed daily to Anagha Vrata count.

Study ‘Datta Darshanam’

Devotees should study Datta Darshanam book by Sri Swamiji for more in-depth information about the Emperor Kartaveeryarjuna, to whom Sri Dattatreya first taught this Vrata. The information about him, his mistakes, his lessons, his total surrender and greatness-- are greatly beneficial and relevant to all of us today. Imbibing the deeper meaning of these stories brings us closer to our Sadguru Datta! We urge you all to start studying this book and start the Anagha Vrata today. Following Sri Swamiji’s instructions strictly will definitely please Him and help us to improve ourselves, by developing our connection with the Supreme MahaVishnu in the form of AnaghaDatta! Sri Swamiji emphasises,

"If you need to travel during the Vrata, mentally chant ‘Kaartaveeryaarjunaaya Namaha’ 3 three times and pray. Once you return, you can resume the Vrata.

Head bath can be done every day or at your convenience. Bathe and wear clean clothes before the puja.

Those with specific wishes or who wish for quick fulfillment of these wishes must try to enhance the austerities observed during the Vrata. We should avoid sinful or adharmic

activities if we wish for hardships to reduce.

If you have the time, read and discuss the inner meaning of the Vrata Katha with family. You cannot say you are bored. Are you not bored of breathing continuously? Why don’t you stop breathing? You will die. Similarly consider chanting and remembering God as your life breath.

Enter your count on via

Every single day Swamiji is seeing the names. (when you enter the count.) Just by seeing your names in that list, your wishes and desires will get fulfilled since I tell the Lord and mentally pray for it.

I see if you’re performing the Vrata every single day. Spread the word about this great Vrata. All must reap the benefits of this Vrata. The world must be benefited. Hence, all must observe this Vrata. You must also get your family and friends to perform the Vrata. Go door-to-door and spread the message about this Vrata. Everyone must participate in this Vrata. By the end of the year, I pray that the one crore ( now changed to 30 million) target is complete, and you are blessed by Lord Datta. There is lack of peace and tranquility in this world today. The minds are agitated. Natural calamities are increasing. There are many violent protests happening across the world. This is not only in our country, but across the world. We pray to God that there is peace in our planet. May Lord Datta bless you all. Let us all perform Anagha Vrata. I cannot explain in words the greatness of this Vrata and the benefits derived from it."

NB. Incase it is very difficult to stand due to space or if a person is senior and can’t keep getting up, pradakshina can be done in short method. Using namaskara mudra, raise hands above the head and rotate wrist 3x clockwise.

Sri Guru Datta.

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