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Cows are our mothers!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

The Sacred Gau Mata "Mothers to Me ", to all of us and to the entire earth!

This small breed of cow called Pungunuru originated in Punganur town in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India. This breed is known for its short stature, high milk production efficiency and efficient reproductive character.

Hindus all over the world know that the Cow is to be worshipped as our Mother, and our Sadguru Datta, Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji has always set the example for us, offering her worship as soon as He comes down from Guru Nilayam for morning prayers or Darshan in the Universal Prayer Hall in Mysuru Ashram. As a rule too, during the reading of the yearly financial accounts, Gau Mata must be present. Out of His compassion, Sri Appaji has a world class Gaushala in Mysore Ashram and a lot of the online seva goes towards the wonderful care of birds and yes--Cows! We burn a lot of karma when we support them both! By serving the cows we are serving all deities, since every deity is present in one cow!

Cow abuse must stop

Yet recently, ever since the Covid Pandemic, He seems to be emphasizing more and more that all mankind, not only devotees, has to show the cow love and respect at least and take care of her. Recently in Dallas, He said, in reference to the Russia-Ukraine war,

“We see brutal killings at Ukraine. It is not good. It is because of killing the cows. We will face problems in this manner as long as we do not stop the crime against cows.”

Shortly after the Covid Pandemic started, He also stated that it was because of cow abuse that mankind was facing such a disease with all the difficulties it brought to families, communities, and countries across the earth. Those worst affected were where cows have been abused the most.

On Maha Shivaratri 1st March Dr. Sridevi from Hyderabad, was called by Pujya Sri Appaji to explain the benefits of the bye products of Gau Mata. From years before, Pujya Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji along with many concerned devotees have endorsed the cause of protecting the cows, encouraging everyone to do the same. The following is an excerpt from his discourse during his visit to Chakicherla Gaushala, on 4th September 2021.

Cows --important for our Temples. According to Pujya Sri Bala Swamiji:

“... The presence of one cow is enough for all Devatas to be present....Without cows the earth turns poisonous...About 15 years ago, I had a respiratory problem....I slept in Gaushala and the problem was gone.... Our temples are our school. The cows are very important for our temples. Our dharmas taught us very integrated ways of living. Sanatana Dharma is timeless. No matter what anyone tries to do, no matter how much they defame and desecrate Sanatana Dharma, Sanatana Dharma will continue because it is based in Dharma and wishes for universal welfare. We should leave behind a good society for our future generations. But what are we doing?"

“I am very happy about the Gaushala here. May this progress even more with Swamiji's blessings. As long as there are people selflessly serving in this cause, we will have good Gaushalas. What do we take with us when we leave the planet? We do not even take the body. Only the good deeds come with us. The dharma, the sacrifice, the good deeds, the help we have rendered come with us. But our comforts and pleasures do not come with us."

“This place, this Kshetra has everything. You are taking care of aged, disabled cows and cows that have met with accidents. What does Rajasthan have? It has neither water nor crops. We know that some of the wealthiest people in the country – the Marwaris – come from Rajasthan. They take good care of cows. Dharma is saving the cows even at the cost of your own life."

“The Pandavas went to Virata kingdom during their exile because the king of Virata did great Seva for cows. Arjuna was ready to lay down his life to save the cows. He went alone with the cowardly Uttara to face Bhishma, Duryodhana, Drona and other great warriors in order to save the cows."

Our tradition is to lay down our lives to protect cows. If we can stand up for the cows, our family, lineage, our society and our country will prosper. Those who live here are very lucky; come and have darshan of cows once in a while. Come and feed them bananas or some other fruits and vegetables. They will never forget you all your life. Gau Mata remembers our seva forever. Once when a person passed away, a Gau Mata came to his house because the person used to feed the cow every day. The cow did not leave until the body was taken away for cremation. How did the cow know?”

Cows’ blessings important—save them

“The words uttered by a pure hearted person always come true. Gau Mata is also the purest among animals. Gau Mata's blessings go a very long way. She blesses us when we feed her. We should not feed Gau Mata with expectation of reward. Do not let aged and disabled cows be sent to slaughterhouses. Take it as your dharma and religiously observe the rule that cows must be protected. We should voice our opinion with courage to protect the cows. The cows that have been protecting us all along - we need to do our bit to save them. Do the Gau Seva that you can. Support Gaushalas as much as possible.”

Lakshmi dances

“May there be Gaushalas in every town…. We should stand for the philosophy we believe in. We may have doubts in the beginning, but stand for what you believe in. Start with protecting one cow and then protect two and then expand your Seva to more cows. Serve cows without a business mindset. Where Gau Mata is, Goddess Lakshmi dances. These are all words of unquestionable truth."

“We visited a town in Rajasthan where forty thousand (40,000) cows are being protected. No grass grows there, but they get grass from far away regions. The entire town itself is like a Gaushala. Another town has 3 lakh cows.... Another place we saw had eight thousand (8000) cows. Just as we care for parents, we should care for cows that are like mother to entire earth. There are 90 cows here.... Everyone does not have to do everything, just come together and serve the cows to the best of your abilities.”

Cows can bless an entire region

“I came here specially to see the Gaushala. I am very happy to see the cows. May God give the devotees here more strength to care for the cows. The entire region will be blessed if we care for cows. May Gau Mata always bless you all. Help every being.”

On Nov. 1st 2021 before Gau Puja Sri Appaji declared:

"Cows are Mothers to Me as well"

All Photos Credit ; Avadootha Datta Peetham

“…I pray to Lord Datta to give you the strength to face difficulties… I am happy many are participating in Gau Puja. Many have done Gau Samarpana (offered a cow to Swamiji). We are clipping the name of the donor and family to the cow’s ear. If the cow for some reason does not live long, we will find you another cow as a replacement. But the calf will not belong to you.... We are building shelter for cows with the funds from the patrons. Many old and disabled cows are also being cared for. Some of those cows gave milk to Swamiji too. So, they are mothers to Me as well. So, we will place them where they can be cared for well. On the 4th, everyone must do Gau Puja."

Sadguru Sankalpa—cow should be our national animal

Milk products --important food and puja items

“Cow should be our national animal. Let us all resolve among ourselves that the cow is our national animal. Gau Mata is like a mother. She gives us milk, curd, ghee, butter and her products are also used in many medicines. Even if you do not drink cow’s milk, you indirectly consume its products.”

Gau Samarpana-the biggest charity/Beef causes ill-health

“The cow should not be killed nor should cow slaughter be encouraged. We should not encourage the use of beef. Within the next 10 years, there will be very strange diseases and deaths. Beef should be forbidden. It causes ill-health. Tell your friends as well. Swamiji specially blesses those who have done Gau Dana and Gau Samarpana to be happy and be blessed. Gau Samarpana is the biggest charity. … I will do Gau puja in the morning and then do Sri Chakra Puja. Do not miss this most wonderful event. Jaya Guru Datta. Sri Guru Datta.”

Be like the Cow -- sattvic (Feb. 2022)

In His Speech at the end of Girija Kalyana 28th February, 2022 Pujya Sri Appaji spoke of the importance of love and respect for cows, so much needed nowadays. Starting with the fact that Girija/Shiva Kalyana was a great, rare blessing to watch, He went on to show His concern about the turbulent state of worldly affairs, with the lack of peace and harmony so prevalent. He said, “…. What can we do? We do puja not for ourselves, but for all the beings and worlds around us. Develop Sattva Guna. We cannot talk about this enough….Don’t waste time during Shivaratri. Don’t waste food.”

Usefulness of cow --Ashram cow products.

"Don’t assume Covid is completely gone. I still see it here and there. Weak bodies will suffer. Use fresh masks. Use sanitizer frequently. We have sanitizer made with cow urine. This sanitizer has been made by girls in the Ashram. Buy them and keep them at home as well. We are not doing business with it now, we are limiting it to Datta devotees. We are experimenting and it is a success."

Eco-friendly Gau products

Appaji has organised a team including ayuvedic, allopathic and vet doctors to produce hand sanitizer, dish wash, hand wash, face pack, floor cleaner etc from dung and urine of the cow

"We need to mix cow urine from three breeds of cows in controlled proportions to make this. We have those breeds and have to work through a process to make the sanitizer and distil it and then mix with right compounds and aroma. We are also making dung cakes that give off great aroma and kill dengue mosquitoes as well. We are building a big hall where we will make all these products. We wish at least for Datta devotees to be safe."

"…May Bhola Shankara protect us. This earth is a good planet. It’s being destroyed by the demons. No doubt victory lies eventually with our Devatas, but there is suffering in between. To prevent the suffering may Bhola Shankara protect us. This is not pure cow urine. It ‘s processed and distilled. The white liquid is for mopping floors.(He asks to change colour of the white liquid or mopping solution so children don’t mistakenly drink it as milk.) Also dishwashing soap. All of this is done by our children. Since we have Gau Matas in the Ashram, we are able to make these products.

On MahaShivaratri 1st March 2022 Pujya Sri Appaji’s explained:

Gau Products with our own cows

“Some Gau products are made here with our own cows by Sri Devi of Hyderabad. All can buy and get benefitted….” Sri Devi described her research including the following:

Sri Devi : “… Gau breathes in Oxygen and exhales oxygen. I have done extensive research into this. Even if the cow eats plastics, it gets recycled in its digestive system with its unique double intestine system. This is all proved by science.” It does not cost much for Westerners to support the Gaushala in Mysuru. By feeding them, seven generations will have food, among the spiritual merit that we gain! Let us not forget that cows are very dear to both Sri Krishna, Sri Dattatreya and Lakshmi Maata, not to mention the Rishis and sages!

Gaushala inauguration Jaya Guru Datta.

Read more about this rare breed

Also from Avadootha Datta

You can contribute at the link below for rearing and maintaining Ashrama cows.

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