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Deepavali 2022

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Om Namo Hanumate Namaha. Om Namaha Shivaya.

Sadguru HH Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji explains some important points after the eclipse on Deepavali on Oct 25th.2022 as fortunes in the world change.

Our tradition.

The solar eclipse just concluded. After the eclipse, in temples and shrines, we chant our mantra and in silence meditate on the Lord. And then we consume food. This is our tradition. We fast during the eclipse and then take a head bath at the end of it, after which pray to God. This eclipse is occurring during Deepavali.

Nature and its workings have been going on timelessly. Ups and downs happen all the time. We heard that in the outer space, there was an explosion recently. Many such explosions have taken place in the past. Eclipses have occurred in the past, earth has turned dark, tsunamis and earthquakes have been happening since yugas. We keep witnessing all this, we go and then come back.

Some do not remember any of these happenings, that is the way of this creation. Whether it is astro physicists or jyotisha experts, they use this to foretell the future. No one can measure the extent of this creation. No one can determine the color and the measurements or the start date or the end of this creation. We use some calculations for the world's sake, but what has to happen will continue to happen. No one can stop the turn of events, because God has already determined them.

There are countless earths, there are countless suns, moons, stars.

Because there is a relationship between what happens with the planetary and celestial bodies, we call it jyotisha shastra. We should not live and die by it, nor should we dismiss it. There are many occurrences and matters that we have no control over and have no idea about. Scientist also have varied opinions about all this. Overall, the Lord's creation and transcendental plays are wonderful. His expansive energy is all pervading. There are countless earths, there are countless suns, moons, stars. There is no end to this creation. If there was, we would have been able to discover it.

What cannot be attained or captured or seen is God. But since we are all in this world, we do activities each day for this life to go on. We need to breathe air, we drink water. We are made of the five gross elements and will merge into them. Puranas and other stories are not fables, they are real occurrences.

After Sri Rama killed Ravana, crores and crores of lamps were lit in Ayodhya. When you light one lamp, when you donate one lamp, you get the merit of one crore Ashvamedha Yaga. These 3 days of Deepavali, place lights outside the house and in the house according to your means. Don't be caught up in the kind of oil used, or the kind of lamp used.

When we are hungry, we don't think about where the food came from and who cooked it. When we are thirsty, we don't worry about measuring the quantity in the cup or where it came from. Same with the breath. We don't worry about how the air is flowing, we just breathe to live. This is the computer that God made for us. Whether or not we believe in it, things will continue to happen. We have to follow some traditions. That is when we will be well and healthy.

Happy Deepavali to everyone.

These days, whenever "Deepa" or light is mentioned, we should think of Gyana. Regardless of how great or learned one is, we keep falling into ignorance. We must all run towards Gnana.

Many are worried about Swamiji's health. The body is such, one has to experience. It could be things that Swamiji took from others, or it could be his own. There is also the age factor and there are so many changes in water and food when Swamiji is traveling. It's the nature of the body. So, don't worry about Swamiji's health. Swamiji is fine.

People keep quiet. The whispering game goes on and people are imagining things. Give up gossip, it will be good for you. You must try to know reality. Instead, we like gossip and fiction. Experience reality. Don't give into hearsay and add more spice to it and engage in propaganda. The ears are given to us to listen to good things. Speaking as you wish is wrong, it's a sin.

Some gossip that Swamiji has a secret room in which are stashed crores. Anyone can go see the Namakoti room where are stashed crores and crores of mantra writing.

Your sin will eat your lineage.

Speaking recklessly is a sin. Some say, those around Swamiji have made crores of money. So, what is the problem, you can also make your crores. This is wrong to speak in this way. I keep saying that i am an open book. If I have to be any more open, I will only need to take off my clothes and cut open my body. Is that what you talk about? Talk about Swamiji's greatness and his activities. Instead, you talk about these dirty things. When you stop doing this, your life will get better. You should not get ruined and give in to such things. Live life by truth. Why give in to such imaginations?

Why should I come in this form, if I wanted to give into material possessions?

I don't have a lot. I was cold in night. You must not listen to or speak of Guru's criticism. I will not curse you. Snakes eat their own eggs when hungry. The sin eats the sinner. Your sin will eat your lineage. So, you must never keep such things in mind. I told you I am an open book. The Deepvali smoke doesn't suit my body. The smoke from crackers is not good for me.

You must get rid of that fickle devotion you have.

In Chennai, Nadabhishekam was done so well. Over 80 musicians sat around Swamiji and sang. That is their love. How much money can you measure that with? Chennai/Madras is synonymous with classical music.

After Chennai, we went to Nadupalani and Accharapakam. I told everyone that this would be my last trip there. If my health permits, I can go again.

In Pondicherry, a former collector there constructed a building there with the presiding deity as Swamiji. They have such fervent devotion for Swamiji. Every Saturday and Sunday, the local devotees do a Satsang, do Annanda, vratas, meditation etc. That place is very good. I asked them why they are doing this. They say Swamiji is their God. They will not even inconvenience Swamiji to visit physically since the building there is already in honor of Swamiji and they believe Swamiji is there. I proposed the construction of a temple, but they refused. They feel swamiji is their temple and their Lord. That is real devotion. You must get rid of that fickle devotion you have.

Bhagavad Gita.

Today, I started talking on account of Bhagavad Gita. Everyone knows about Bhagavad Gita. Everyone is doing Parayana, I am very happy. Now, there is a lot of attention on Bhagavad Gita as Swamiji's devotees around the world are chanting it. Many are memorizing the Gita. 1000s have learned the Gita in India, USA and other countries.

The Sahasragala in America was wonderful. It was verily the cosmic form of the Lord at the Allen Center in Texas. 49,000 food packets were served. The devotees cooked and served. They worked with so much love and cooperation and devotion. If someone speaks silly about Swamiji, they put him in a "hospital". There are even people there who will whack those who speak ill of Swamiji. Swamiji travelled a lot during the two months there.

Swamiji has instructed everyone to do 1000 Parayanas

The body needs to be able to take it. Swamiji has instructed everyone to do 1000 Parayanas (in groups of 9 people) before the Sahasrachandra Darshana.

Everyone in all Ashrams can take part. Readers and memorizers can all participate. Continue sending counts. Everyone partake in this great fortune. We want to have 1000 Parayanas before Feb 1. We should do more than 1000 counts. 9 people make a group. If it's less than 9, that will not count as a Parayana.

We didn't plan on online Parayanas before, but this morning, we also allowed for it. I don't go out for this reason - because of the cough and the excessive attention it gets. Everyone coughs. Do you not cough?

I am known as Cancellation Swamiji

Second, Surat, Ahmedabad etc were all big programs. 1000s of cows are being taken care of by a saint Datta Sharanananda in Rajasthan in Pathmeda. I told him I would visit, but now I am sending Bala Swamiji. This is a very big program. The saint moved the program because it was too hot to have the program in Ahmedabad. I am known as cancellation Swamiji anyway. Bala Swamiji is going there now.

I haven't been to Surat in many years. Bombay, Ahmedabad etc also I am not going to. Delhi has a very big program. They already paid Rs. 30 lac for the concert hall for Nov 5, Saturday. Many famous dignitaries were invited too.

I am not able to come. I will not travel anymore, I will do programs only in the Ashram.

I cannot come to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Kasi per the schedule. Please do not invite me. If I feel like it, I will go. Wherever there is love and reverence for Swamiji, I will go. It is up to me. We have a 3 crore outstanding debt from the birthday celebrations. So, I will not travel anymore. I am unable to travel. I will not tell anyone where I am going to be. I might go to any Ashram I wish.

The doctors want me to visit Singapore, so I will go. It has been 5-6 years since I visited. I am healthy. When I see you and when I talk to you, is based on your good fortune. Be careful. You must fear sin. Never blame Guru and God without reason. You must never blame the innocent. There is no greater sin than that.

It's an incorrigible sin to blame Guru and God.

You talk about Swamiji giving homes to some people. Of course I will. Those people have given up everything to serve Appaji. They only receive the Rs. 200 that I give them each month. What is wrong if I give them a small shelter to live in. No one can blackmail or coerce me to give them shelter .I give them the shelter based on the money I earn with my hard work.

You give money only because you have benefited from Swamiji. I am making good use of it. What is the problem whether I eat it or throw it in fire? We are content here with Datta as witness. Jayalakshmi Mata is our everything. Do not give into hearsay and gossip. Nothing will happen to me. You alone will be affected. It's an incorrigible sin to blame Guru and God. Many talk about Swamiji having some heart problem. This is a human body. Did Krishna and Rama not suffer in their bodies? Duryodhana's body was made diamond hard by Gandhari Mata, but he had to go also. If you keep me with love and devotion, you will have me longer. If you have lesser devotion and love, you may go, but I will be here. This Ashram is mine. I bear all this in my belly.

So, these are the two things I wanted to tell you about. If you keep me with love and devotion, you will have me longer.

Do not listen to gossip and hearsay. Only listen to good things. I spoke of so many spiritual things in the two years, did you listen? You only remember bad things, but don't ever keep good things with you. Remove the bad from your heart. Continue the bond you share with Guru since past lives.

There are so many who want to come and perform Nadarchan Seva here. They don't even want money. They just want to do this seva.

Some say they don't even want travel charges. They want to simply serve Swamiji. They scolded Ramanujam for spoiling them by giving them travel expenses. They do not even want to accept those travel charges reimbursements. The artists came from Srikakulam and refused to take any charges, but the coordinators here wanted to give them travel expenses at least.

Everyone listen to soothing music, listen to good words.

Swamiji expects that bhajan groups also come and perform here. Swamiji says that Nadarchana must continue into eternity. Everyone listen to soothing music, listen to good words. Swamiji is continuing wonderful discourses on YouTube, ETV, Sakshi TV, Kasturi TV etc. Swamiji's bhajans and Chalisa continue to north Indian channels.There is so much treasure from Swamiji on Youtube, yet you choose to listen to gossip and nonsense. That is your misfortune The A/V team works so hard to produce Swamiji's content on these platforms.

Swamiji says to look at SGS Posts messages. They are so short and easy to follow.

Nov 5 in place of the concert in Delhi, we'll do bhajans here in the Ashrama. I only have an infection. I have been advised complete voice rest. My throat is affected. There is fluid in the head, but I have my medicines. The doctors also arranged for whatever medicines are needed. Do not prescribe new medicines to Swamiji. Do not send messages about this or try to counsel Swamiji. Please DO NOT do that.

Swamiji says he's eating well. Swamiji says he swims and exercises daily and eats three people's food. Swamiji does Yoga and Pranayama and eats three times a day. He only has some cough and some dizziness. Swamiji says He is eating all the food, but our sins remains ours, we should be careful.

Jaya Guru Datta!

Photo Credit; Avadootha Datta Peetham

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