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Swamiji changed my life!

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Bissoondaye (Doolin) Persad, Trinidad

When I was fifty years old, I was suffering with a chronic back pain. It was very excruciating, I couldn’t walk properly, could not bend and I had to use a stick for support to get around. I went to see many chiropractors and doctors who prescribed different therapies, medications and rubs but they never helped. My daughter observed my illness and thought I was getting worse and went to get advice from a very good friend who was known to be close to Swamiji. This lady,“Mom” as we called her, in her meditation sought advice from Swamiji about my condition. She then tried to reach me many times sending messages with people that she needed to talk to me. At that time, I did not want to go and see her because I was feeling very ill and wasn’t well enough to walk to see her.

My daughter Dianne Persad told me that Mom was calling for me and trying to reach me. Meanwhile I went to lie down as I was not feeling well. Suddenly, while I was lying down, I felt an urgent pull upright. My husband in surprise asked where I was going as he was not used to seeing me move with speed, given my illness. I told him, “ I’m going by Mom.”

I walked to see her and she asked me how I was doing. I told her I wasn’t too good, but I was okay. She said that Swamiji said that He knew exactly what happened to me. “He is protecting and guiding you.” Then she looked at me seriously and said emphatically, “ Swamiji said, Do not take any therapy. What happened to you is NOT for therapy. If you take therapy it will cripple you! Then she asked, “So? You are still going for therapy?” As I had an appointment for the next day.

I told her “No! If my Guru said No, No means no!” She then said, “Swamiji said, “Go and walk by Hanuman and do Pradakshina. It will help you.”

Immediately, as i heard these words, all my pain left and I was able to walk home. In the morning at 5am I got up and went to the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Murti and started doing the pradakshina. Ever since that day, my pain has totally gone away and I am able to walk again. This experience helped me realize and understand the power of the Guru’s word and how important pradakshina is in our life.

Swamiiji's Seva means a lot to me

While I was younger I used to go to another temple regularly and do my offerings. This used to make me feel very nice inside and I would enjoy going to the temple for this feeling. One day I went and got my offerings, flowers and Prasad to offer but when I got there, the temple was closed unexpectedly. I returned home, feeling sad and disappointed and was worried where to go. Suddenly, I heard Swamji’s voice “ Go to the Datta Temple! Go to the Datta Temple!” I asked my husband, “ You talked to me?” He said “No.” Then I heard it again, this time more insistently, “Go to the Datta Temple!” While clasping my two hands in front of me and bowing my head I replied, “Okay, okay I heard,” and the next Sunday I started going to the Datta Temple, and continue to frequent there up to this day. Swamiji changed my life! I enjoy doing seva for Him!

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