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First Encounter with My Divine Master

Experiences of Savitri Balroop

First Spiritual Encounter with my Divine Master

1986 was an extremely meaningful year in my life, this was the year that my physical eyes came into contact with Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji. He was carded to visit the Om Tat Sat Institute of Yoga in Chase Village, Trinidad & Tobago, and my family and I were members of that organisation. At the end of his visit, I asked him if I could do padnamaskar (touch his feet). He consented and I touched his feet and he said to me “Follow Me.” THAT was it for me! How do I describe the feeling of “knowing.” I wanted to FOLLOW HIM even out of Trinidad when HE left!!!!

That same year Priyadarshini, an Indian boutique, was opened and I had cause to travel to India to stock the store. THAT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. My feeling and desire of FOLLOWING HIM was going to materialize. By December of that year, I was in HIS presence again, this time in Bangalore.

My Divine Master grants my wish to be in His Divine Presence

In 1988, He was going to visit Trinidad for a few days and arrangements were made for him to stay in Port of Spain. During the Port of Spain visit, I got an opportunity to do seva, I prepared the meals for HIS entourage of 9.

While I was very excited about my seva, it meant I could not have the darshan of My Divine Master. But, My Divine Master knew my desire to be in his presence and granted my wish - I met HIM face to face as he was walking through the corridor of that residence.

The language, prayers and ways of THIS DATTA was all very new to me. But, I somehow felt I belonged.

My Divine Master grants my wish for a House Visit

On 7th March 1990, Sri Swamiji arrived in Trinidad and Tobago to conduct a three-week programme. He was touring Trinidad and visiting the homes of his devotees. We also requested a House Visit on 26th March 1990 in Hindustan Road. The next night Sri Swamiji was in Rio Claro and My Husband and I had printed 1008 copies of the Guru Gita and wanted to present them to our SadGuru. Before long, we received a message that HE WILL COME TO OUR HOUSE at 9pm on 28th March 1990 to receive the Guru Gita.

I was elated, ecstatic and floating on air. Frantic preparations started for the House Visit. We prepared a room for his Holiness and dinner for his entourage.

We welcomed Sri Swamiji and his party at 9 pm. Sri Swamiji was very Happy and chatty. He materialized a pendent for one (1) guest. After the gifting of the 1008 copies of the Guru Gita, Sri Swamiji gave a short discourse and He retired to HIS ROOM.

The guests were having dinner as things settled down. Sometime later, I was alone in the KITCHEN doing dishes. I FELT HIS PRESENCE ... NO sound was heard ... but I KNEW ... HE WAS STANDING RIGHT BEHIND ME. I froze in delight. Time seemed to stand still. I could not prostrate. He was so close. I finally found my voice and asked “Swamiji do you need something?” He turned and slowly walked from the kitchen and I FOLLOWED HIM as he walked to the other parts of my home blessing each room.

On returning to HIS ROOM, he asked me “What about SHOP? I want to visit.” At this time, it was 11:30 PM and quickly called the Shopping Mall to make arrangements for Sri Swamiji to visit the shop. HE and HIS party walked through the Mall until he came to Priyadarshini. Sri Swamiji asked someone for money and placed it in the Cash Drawer blessing it. HE sat on my stool. HOW MUCH SADGURU Gives!!!

My journey with APPAJI ( SRI SWAMIJI) continues as I breathe. FEELING HIS PRESENCE and adhering to HIS instructions. HIS Guiding Datta light is shining bright. I pray that my family and I remain always in HIS SERVICE.

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