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Hanuman Day of Prayer

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Pujya Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji’s speech

Jaya Guru Datta. Sri Guru Datta. Jaya Bolo Hanuman-ki! Siya Prabhu Rāma Chandra-ki jai! Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji ki Jai!

Today we can all definitely feel Swamji’s presence here. He is physically in India Hyderabad, celebrating Ram Navami with thousands of devotees but I am very sure that Swamiji’s manas, Swamji’s mind, is with us; He is with us. Swamiji thinks my purpose is served. Today Swamiji is very happy I must say. With a great sankalpa Swamiji blessed us with this wonderful Ashram to celebrate such wonderful festivals like this we are celebrating today! This is what Sadguru always wants from us. We are all very much blessed today to be here and do Puja and bhajans from 5am in the morning. We are in Rāma loka, I must say. This is a spiritual loka.

The name “National Day of Prayer”, itself sounds very nice. It’s very good, good idea. I liked it very much. Today we heard a very wonderful speech from Kadija Aminji. It was very nice. She said that we are not only participating, but we are feeling that brotherhood and we are spreading the goodness that is very important. We are all one. 'This is not only tolerance but participation is also very important' she said. It is very nice. We have heard very good words from Kamal Rajji and Ramesh Maharajji.

We are all waiting to listen to Chatelal’s concert; he sings with great devotion. We should all listen to his concert. This is a spiritual Loka; this is about religion. We are all one. That oneness we are all feeling here today, at the Lotus feet of Hanuman. Hanuman spreads the message, that even animals and humans are one. That is Hanuman’s message. Why can’t we humans be together? We should always be together. That is what Hanuman’s wish is, that is His sankalpa.

Now, Hanuman in the form of our Sadguru Ganapathy Sachichidananda Swamiji is very happy, very, very happy we can say. Because Sanatana Dharma says and talks about fulfilling or making use of your life. You need to make use of your life when you are living, be of service and be spiritual. And even offer (service) after your life! Sanatana Dharma talks about after life. That is spirituality, yes we are here to live and enjoy our life but what about after this life? So we should make use of this life and in our future birth we should always be in the spiritual path. Keeping this in mind Swamiji blessed us, Trinidadians. Not only Trinidadians, many devotees from many countries come here. They feel very happy to come to Trinidad Ashram ! They visit Trinidad just to have the darshan of Hanuman. Our Hanuman is that beautiful and it develops devotion like Hanuman!

How he did service, we should develop that service mentality and keep chanting His name, keep chanting Rāma nama. Today is Ram Navami; Swamiji always says keep chanting Rāma nama. Rāma nama is not an ordinary name. We heard “ Charitham Raghunathasya Shatha Koti Pravstharam”. Raghunatha story is in hundred of crores shlokas. They say it was in hundred crores of shlokas that demons, celestial beings, humans, the three went to Shiva, and they asked Him, “Oh Shiva, please distribute this 100 crores shlokas to all of us three. Then you know what Shiva did? Shiva said, "How to distribute 100 crores?" It is difficult to divide 100 crores to three people,right? Then He divided Rāma Charita, the story of Rāma 99 crores and 99 lakhs, ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine. Now there is only one shloka left. In one shloka, which is sung in Anushtah Chandah that is a style of singing, there are 32 letters.

Then Shiva thought how will I distribute 32 letters to 3 people? Then He distributed ten, ten, ten. 30 letters He distributed. Now He is left with two letters, then Shiva thought what will I do with these two letters? How will I distribute? Then He said, “I did so much for you, I distributed, I took a calculator, I calculated and distributed. So much effort I put for you, so I will keep these two letters as payment.” Those two letters were RA MA. Shiva likes Rāma nama very much. So He said, “I am going to keep these two letters RA MA with me.” He said, “Whoever chants RĀMA NAMA and whoever understands Rāmayana and whoever understands Hanuman’s story I will always be with them and I will bless them,” He said.

Today we are celebrating Rāma Navami and we are going to listen to a wonderful concert. Swamiji knows when, what to give to devotees. There is good news to all the Trinidad devotees. This was announced by Pujya Swamiji on his last visit to Trinidad. Dates are not yet confirmed but we are going to have a great Yagna in 2020 called Maha Rudra Yaga in 2020. So devotees get ready! Ramesh Maharaji, Coosalji and his family, Vishnu Deonarine , Gyanji, Prem, Satesh and their families and all the devotees I request Swamiji to bless them all to conduct such a wonderful coming yagna here, and I pray Pujya Swamji to bless you all whoever gathered here to celebrate Rāma Navami Day. I am very happy to be here on Rāma Navami. I am very much surprised I must say, I feel like we are in India, we are in Mysore! I am not missing Mysore because I feel like I am in Mysore.!

Jaya guru Datta. Sri Guru Datta. Jai Hanumana-ki!!

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Jangaiah Kondala

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