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HH SGS on Corona Virus

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

March 11th 2020 10.03 am table shows,the number of deaths coming out of China and infected persons around the world. To guide us out of his compassion, Sadguru HH Ganapathy Sachchidananda has given some tips to keep the virus at bay. In the 80's, Sri Swamiji also gave some rare predictions concerning this year 2020.

Lakshmi Jayanti=

Devotion, knowledge and detachment needed

We are celebrating Lakshmi Jayanti with lot of devotion. Padmavati Amma is Lakshmi who is Jaganmata. She is in three forms - Maha Lakshmi, Maha Saraswati, Maha Durgi. All of us are blessed with her Darshan. From Krita and Treta Yuga, we have this tradition of worshipping Lakshmi. Indra and other devatas /deities have done her pooja and contemplation. Thus, they got rid of bhava roga (disease called births and deaths) and sareera roga (physical ailments). Just with Lakshmi's grace, Saraswati's grace will be obtained automatically. We need energy for talking, walking, eating or for any karma. Durga Parameshwari gives us that. To talk, we need energy. To think, we need energy. We need to go in our way or Samsara and to mend our ways, we need education i.e Saraswati's grace. With knowledge comes Jnana then bhakti and then vairagya. With vairagya, we get salvation.

We need knowledge

Everyone should know at least a bit about Ramayana, Purana etc. Why to know about them? Why to by heart? Why worship? We should know all of this. For that we need minimum knowledge. We need some education even for signing a document. We need to read on our own, else we get cheated. There are many who get cheating because of forgery and lose assets. The old people above 60 years have suffered and been disappointed because of lack of education. They get cheated. There is no age limit for education. You should not say you are 80 years old so no education is needed.

At any age learn Bhagavad Gita.

Mind is always like a 3 year old kid. So you can start at any age. There are some devotees who have no education but they have taken gold medal in BG. One lady named Sarojamma is there. She cleans ashrama. She doesn't know anything. But she took gold medal in BG. There are some in USA also. Even till today, I can't understand what she talks. I should take the help of some boys around to understand. She doesn't talk clearly. For someone like her took gold medal means that is like Kali Mata blessing Kalidasa. I am telling all of you. Learn Bhagavad Gita.

If you learn one shloka you will want to learn more. That is Mother Bhagavad Gita (BG). To learn, we need Durga Parameshwari's energy. Only with Lakshmi's Grace, there is everything. Where there is Lakshmi there is Saraswati and vice versa. So we must serve Lakshmi Amma as much as we can. I am very happy that all of you Mysoreans celebrate Lakshmi Jayanti. This is your temple. You celebrate it as a big festival. I should go out somewhere but because of Lakshmi Jayati, I have postponed earlier.

Anyway because of Corona, we have cancelled all programs. Indians have good resistance power so no Corona here. Only few cases in India because of improper food and low resistance. We are like demons. We will eat anything -any prasadam! Corona will not come to India and hot countries. If anyone from the COVID -19 affected countries come, then it may come to India….

Humans have to be careful what they eat.

China did not have food once upon a time. There was an insect that destroyed the cash crop there. So they destroyed lakhs of insects. Along with that, a lot of crop also was destroyed. They ate the insects itself like some snack…. You can go to history and check. They attained lot of resistance at that time. The crop did not grow because of half desert and half cold climate. The land is different there…. Why won't Corona come? Earlier we had SARS also. All those who eat chicken etc. should be careful. Cancer comes because of animal flesh. It is coated with chemical hence leads to cancer.

red garlic
spring onion

Tips to build immunity and ward off ill health, especially Corona Virus:

1. Appaji instructed everyone to eat one Tulsi leaf everyday, or steep tulsi leaves and drink the water throughout the day.

2. Take bath morning and evening, head bath everyday.

3. No shaking hands, no hugging for next one to one and a half


4. Avoid eating out or in crowded areas. Eat at home preferably.

5. Wear masks to cover nose, nose masks.

For cough/cold itself:

6. Cook white onion and eat.

7. Small red garlic also, eat before food. Cough can be controlled with these two. Use as medicine, not regular consumption.

8. Use a small cotton ball infused with eucalyptus oil and keep inhaling.

Maintain neatness at home, and personal cleanliness always.

9. Clean vessels in the night itself. Clean them neatly. Clean and only then go to bed.

10. Wash blankets once in 2 days. Even pillow cover also. Many people don't wash shirt. When such people come, we get bad smell. Just rinse in water and dry out. Just with the touch of water, many germs die. With the touch of soap, many other germs die. A few germs will die with the touch of air and sunlight. Few die with ironing. We ( some of us) don't do any of that. We hang them on line or hang on us but don't wash. Many don't wash inner wear even after 2 months.

11. Wash hands twice and eat. Do not use spoon to eat. Use only hands. Wash your hands for a longer duration. Avoid eating in groups for few days. Maintain distance while eating. Do not talk or say Jai kara (greetings) when food is in your mouth. It will fall in other's plate. You don’t have to show your attachment in that moment. Many people drink in the same glass. That is not good.

12. Stay or walk in sunlight for 10-15 min. The virus can't take birth on skin and grow. It will grow only inside, when it enters nose, or mouth. So, it should enter through other's cough or sneeze. Then Corona virus will multiply. Many people get cold because they eat cold refrigerated items. You should bring the temperature of that item up (warm it) and then eat.

(Pujya Appaji in an earlier message said that the situation will come down in next 1 month or 45 days, from full moon day 9th March 2020).

Let us do Lakshmi Maata procession next year. You are all members once you come here. You must develop this feeling. I have developed this already. Venkata Ramana Swamy is yours. The Lord has come here out of some reason. It's not meant for commercial purpose. This temple is a miracle and mystery. Let auspiciousness be all yours. ( Speech from Lakshmi Jayanti and other recent speeches).

Few rare predictions

From ‘Life History of Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’ original by Kuppa Krishnamurty published in 1993.

Sri Swamiji does not normally make predictions, but has mentioned more than once in the past that during the year 2020 there will be dramatic, unimaginable changes and transformations in the world political arena, including political power shifts, as well as the prediction that there will be greatest recognition of the wisdom spread by great Indian Rishis (i.e.sages) and their analytical and thinking capabilities!

Jaya Guru Datta.

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