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Only solution for famine

Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji speech on 4 Feb 2024 evening • Brahma Upanishad • @ Datta Peetham, Mysuru.

In case you missed this important speech .

Today, tomorrow, and day after, are very important days of Mandala Abhisheka. So stay back if you can, do not leave. See Annābhisheka and then leave. Day after is Annakūta.

When Sage Vyasa cursed and there was no food due to famine in Kashi, Mother of Creation Annapurna created all types of crops like paddy, millet, etc., and Annakūta was placed in front of Mother Vishalakshi Amma. All the six types of sattvik food, all the snack items, all five types of tastes, Ragi mudde, Ragi Rotti, everything was offered in Annakūta and was worshiped. The same will be done here, day after tomorrow, including salad too. People will not be able to enter the temple premises during that time because it will be filled with all types of food items. There will be no place even for us to go.

Sometimes we have to experience famine to understand the value of food, but nowadays this has reduced to some extent. The only solution for famine is to offer Naivedya to Mother. In Krita Yuga, there was no proper Sattivk food. After famine, Amma created many food items. We wish to do that Annakūta in Mysore Ashrama too since we do a lot of Annadāna. Surappa Pundarika Yaagi (an elder in Sri Swamiji’s lineage) used to do a lot of Annadana. Ancestors of Sri Swamiji sacrificed a lot to perform Annadāna, so, we would like to do the same in Mysore Ashrama too. You can offer the ingredients that are needed to make the dishes. You should not make the dishes and bring them. For e.g. if you want to offer Laddoo, you can bring the ingredients that are needed for making it. This will be done on February 6th. The Naivedya should be offered before 12 PM during the auspicious time of Abhijin Lagna.

This offering marks the conclusion of the Mandala Deeksha (40 days observance). However, I have no special Deeksha as I am always in Deeksha. My Australia trip got canceled several times for several years due to various reasons, they had some Karma to suffer. Andhra, Karnataka, and Tamil devotees are there in Australia. We used to book tickets to Australia several times and due to various reasons, the tickets used to get canceled, incurring deductions too.

Today, someone said that Sri Swamiji collapsed due to dizziness. That's not my dizziness, it’s yours. I would be thinking of some devotee at that time. I have no Samadhi state, as I am in Nitya Samadhi - eternal Samadhi. Samadhi is only for the Seeker, I am above all that, I forget everything. I take a resolution to forget. I write a Bhajan and I forget it immediately after. Someone should remind me repeatedly because I am not in this world but in some other. Generally, priests introduce themselves in a systematic manner in Sanskrit, it’s a custom. Since I told you this, do not start doing that from tomorrow! If Swamiji asks you, then you should tell Swamiji about yourself, and not say that “You know everything, why are you testing me,” and so on.

Today, during Chandi Homa Pūrnahuti, everyone took a wrong decision of stepping aside to avoid being in the camera view. So, no one was nearby. Prasad usually is nearby but he might have thought it would be better Swamiji alone appears in the camera, so he was elsewhere taking photos. If I feel dizzy, usually someone behind me would give support but that did not happen today. I am usually very careful, especially during trips because if something happens to my body, you all will have to suffer. I am very careful with this body because it is for all of you. So, do not overthink and worry.

Back in the day, when Swamiji used to go into such Samadhi again and again, devotees suspected if Swamiji had epilepsy. There was wrong propaganda as well. But at the same time, they kept saying Swamiji is God! So strange!

I come into this body, leave this body, and come back again. I do it whenever I wish. It is not Samadhi as per the regular Yogic terms, it is subtler than that, which you may not comprehend. Know that I am beyond Samadhi.

We need to worship idols because we have not yet attained the state of worshiping the formless. In the olden days, when you fail even in one subject, you have to take the exam for all subjects and not just the one subject you failed in. These days you can reappear for just one subject. Some old people over here who had gone through that ordeal can corroborate! We keep failing, and yet, we must keep doing Sadhana. We worship the idols, but fail to reach the state where we can worship the formless. So, we have to keep doing it all over again.

During Pranayama, the Prana should remain in Brahma Naadi. But we practice inhaling and exhaling though the left and right (Ida and Pingala nādis), and by doing Sadhana in that manner, the Prana will finally remain in Brahma Nadi. This is a simple method. We should do Dhyana. We should inhale and exhale through the alternative nostrils. You will know that You are Me and I am you. I am always in Brahman. All the problems come only to the body. All relatives, children, etc., are only for the body.

Who is Datta? It is you. What is Atman? It is everywhere. The body is related only to the world. Atman has no relatives, no connection. It is ever blissful. Paramatma is all-pervading. We can know Paramatma only with the help of the body, so we should take care of the body so that we can sit in Dhyana. Even if you suffer physical ailments, you should not take it to your mind because it is only for the body. But you keep saying ‘me and mine’ each time - my husband, my children, and so on. You should keep thinking of Atman. It's all yours (God's).

The next step is dwelling on: The entire world is me. I am Datta. I am Devi. But do not say this outwardly. If you start saying around like that, people will think you have gone nuts and you maybe given some beatings or even exorcism and such! This is only for your internal Sadhana. Only those who have no desires, or anger, will attain this. We should strive to get rid of desires when we still have desires, but at the same time, we should live in the world and play the game.

This world has deceived us in totality. Right from the start we have been taught in a certain manner, and that’s how we have been deceived. All the relatives, spouse, society, etc., have deceived us. Even before we know its deception, our life span is spent. We should deceive the world again by thinking that "This is not mine" (However, If you take money from someone and say that 'it is not mine", that would be wrong and get you into trouble) So, think that everything is deception. This is a big Vedanta. Spouse, Lover, (fake lover) everyone will disappear when you die. There is no movement in the body after death. There is no agreement between the one who grants the loan and the receiver after death. To whom was the loan granted?? It is to the body that had life. The Jeevaatma can merge with the Lord anytime. All the relationships are pertaining only to the body.

So, if we do Dhyana ignoring the body, then nothing can bother us. That's what the Yogis do. They have a body but they don't care. Everything I am saying now is Brahma Upanishad. When Lord Krishna said to “offer all Dharmas to Me” in the Bhagavad Gita, it means you should offer your body too. If you do not take the aspects of this world to heart, nothing can affect you. Imagine the case where you want to help someone. It is really hard to help anyone without having any relationship. It is very difficult to practice. When we go to the state of Brahman, we get many doubts too.

Swamiji is not in the body. I also cheat you with this body. I eat snacks and savouries in front of you, as if I love eating them. Understand this concept. We are only loving Swamiji with the body, and that's why you all cried this morning. Since you have a body, you think Swamiji also suffers just like us. It means you are comparing your body with your Guru’s. Does it mean that you should not compare? Your Guru has a body but it’s not the way you think it is. I can say I do have a body and also say that I do not have a body. For your ease of comprehension, think that your Guru does have a body but it is not like yours. But at the same time, if someone falls down, you should not talk Vedanta saying there is no body, and so on. You should offer help because you too are embodied.

This body that is given to you is meant for you to come to me (attain me) and not for revelling in physical pleasures. You should do the required Sadhana for it. This body (Kshetra) is given to you to reach me. But you are immersed in Samsara/material world. This Kshetra is a tool/instrument. An instrument to do Sadhana and reach me eventually. But you are using it for Kaama, Krodha (desire and anger). You are abusing and misusing this body. I have given you this body over 80 lakh times now, but you have been making the same mistake each time. It’s alright if you use it for some of the materialistic way because you have certain duties, but you should not over do it and get immersed in the material world thereby not using it for the reason I gave it to you in the first place.

After working for several years, people retire voluntarily. That retirement is meant for you to do more Sadhana. It is not meant for you to shout at your children. Retirement is the next Ashrama (stage of life) to train the intellect that you are progressing towards Moksha. Instead, you think about the marriage of your great grand daughter. Before death, you still have unfulfilled wants like owning a Mercedes Car, eating Masala dosa, etc. Guru keeps asking you again and again, "When will you know the Atma Tattva?" “Do you not wish to see God before dying?”

Only one in a million wants to do a charity before death. All others only think about children and grandchildren. You should always make good resolutions. Every time you come to the Guru, you should listen to these good words. Once, my speech is done, you forget about all this.

So, what I want to tell you is: Swamiji did not collapse, He saved the world that was collapsing. It is not normal dizziness. Did you think of the possibility where Swamiji fell in to the Homa pit?? Of course, nothing would have happened to me, but you would have been in greater worry. You are in love with my body (embodied form), not that it is wrong, but do not see my body similar to yours.

I want all to participate in Shashwata Nitya Pooja of Mother Goddess. Today, I noted that some devotees who draw very low salary have taken part in the Seva. People with more funds should definitely take part. You must do more Seva and earn merits when these rare opportunities present themselves. Nothing you keep as possession will come with you when you leave; Only these merits will come with you. I am happy that at least they, those low-salaried devotees had the mind to take part in this seva once in their lifetime. Jaganmata will eat your sins if you participate.

What you donate to Ashrama is like saving it in your Bank account (Punya/Merit). You have to accrue more merit, so that it would benefit you later on. By the way, just because I said 'Bank Account', do not come and ask me for loans and interest on your savings! I would have eaten it. Mother would have eaten it. I mean, "She would have eaten your Sins.”

Jaya Guru Datta!

Courtesy Datta Vani

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