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Splendour of our Trinidad Hanuman

Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman

“If HE decides you are nobody, you are lost!” (Sri Rama)

Photo Credit : Dattapeetham ,Trinidad Sandstone Hanuman in the inner sanctum

Hanuman is an exemplar Guru. In the time of Sri Rama, kidnappings also took place. Sages were also being tortured whenever they tried to do noble yagnas etc. for the welfare of the world. Obstacles, temptations, desires, danger, as we know from the Ramayana, were also most present in the lives of devotees, just like now, both in the environment as well as in minds and bodies! However, then too Sri Hanuman and Sri Rama came to the rescue.

In 2004, Sri Appaji visited a tiny river in Maracas Valley which He called ‘Pampa River.’ The Pampa River was near the meeting place of Sri Hanuman with Rama in Ramayana. “Trinidad is Hanuman country,” says our Sadguru. We must always remember with gratitude and love , our indentured ancestors who came with devotion to Sri Hanuman and Sri Rama! This heartfelt devotion is what carried them through all the hardships that they faced! It is up to us to use Hanumanji's Presence here, to praise and worship him as Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman to transform our lives both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! As our Sadguru has told us many times, He is here in this peaceful form, to help us get rid of worries, and give us courage and protection in these trying times!

Sri Appaji said then: “The Hanuman story begins in Sundara kanda in the Ramayana….Hanuman is the greatest of Dasas, ( servant of the Lord with humility and self-surrender)!...We researched Parasara Samhita where Parasara gives details about Hanumanta. …Our Hindu knowledge is an ocean, not river, not lake---a vast ocean…. That is why I took only Nine Avataras, most important visions of Hanumanta….Hanuman is a knowledge god, like Parabrahma, and chiranjivi/immortal… He is living always. Now I think He is sitting near…He is observing your actions. And also listening to our bhajans, Rama bhajans. He gives protection to you. You feel Hanuman took form! Somebody here? We don’t know. Human form , maybe you, maybe me, I don’t know. Somewhere! Everywhere! He is a chiranjeevi. That is why you must talk to him like he is a family friend.”

Photo credit: Dattapeetham of Pujya Sri Vijaya Teertha Swamiji

On Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’s instructions, Pujya Sri Vijaya Teertha Swamiji narrated the first Avatar, Prasananjaneya Swami, of Sri Hanuman. The adapted excerpt follows:

“Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman/ Prasananjaneya Swami is the first Incarnation of Lord Hanuman. He has two hands, one showing ‘abhaya mudra,’ palm raised as protection, while the second holds the mace down on the earth ready for use if need be. His face is very peaceful. His tail is generally upwards. His blessing hand shows the devotees that he gets rid of their problems---he fulfils their desires. Our 85 ft. Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman murti is not only for the welfare of Trinidad and Tobago, but also for world peace.”

Vijaya gets Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman’s Darshan

“In Treta Yuga, there was a righteous ruler, of a region in Sri Rama’s kingdom. His name was Vijaya. Usually he was righteous and a great warrior. Once his ego grew and he sought to subdue other kings with a huge army. As he was leaving, his Guru, Sage Garga, appeared and after offering his respects to his guru, he explained about his journey. Then Sage Garga said, “ For a righteous victory, strength alone is not enough. Lots of punya, good merit too is needed. Worship Hanuman and get his blessings. Then only, you can conquer the world!” He then initiated Vijaya with a Hanuman mantra. Vijaya stopped the army and commenced penance.” Pleased with his penance, Hanuman appeared to him. Vijaya was thrilled by the great Darshan and the beautiful, rare form of Hanuman and prayed to him. He confessed to Hanuman, his desire for a war victory.

Hanumanji on Flag on Arjuna's chariot . Image credit ;Hindupad

Then Prasananjaneya Swami smiled and said, “ Vijaya, victory to you is assured. This Treta Yuga is coming to an end. Dwapara Yuga will begin soon. Your popularity and merit will come to you in your next life too. I will support you. You will win in that war, and not only the warriors, but also you will win even me! I will be on the flag of your chariot and protect you. Even my master, Sri Hari will be with you. Hence, live a life of righteous conduct.”

Understanding the importance of Hanuman’s words, Vijaya sent his army back.

Arjuna disrespects Sri Rama

The same Vijaya was re-born as Ajuna to Kunti and Pandu in the Dwapara Yuga. Then too he was called Vijaya because of his various skills. One day in Rameshwaram, they went to different temples for Darshan. Arjuna spotted a broken bridge in the sea, and on inquiring, the locals explained that it was built by Sri Rama in the past yuga. Arjuna laughed and remarked that if Sri Rama was such a warrior as he was described, he would have built a bridge of arrows instead of stones. Hearing Arjuna speak thus about his master Rama, Hanumanji close by, shuddered. He controlled his anger and in the form of an old monkey , he tried to advise him that the men of those days were twice as tall as now, not to mention the apes who were like moving mountains. He tried to advise him also not to speak so childishly of elders in such a low and casual manner. This is what Sri Swamiji teaches us every day.”

Photo credit ; Naadopaasana website

“Arjuna could not tolerate the old monkey and challenged him to cross the bridge that he Arjuna would build, made of arrows. Hanuman accepted, and they made a bet thus: Arjuna offered to enter fire should even one arrow come off the bridge. Hanuman said that he alone would bring the bridge crashing down at the very first step. In seconds, Arjuna constructed the bridge and Hanuman grew in size and put his left foot on the bridge. At once it came crashing down. Arjuna was amazed and could not understand who this aged ape could be! He tried to make fire from the sticks to enter it, though Hanuman let him off saying that if Arjuna developed respect for elders, his life would be better.”

“Meanwhile, Krishna arrived and on learning all that had happened, he smilingly struck off the bet saying there were no witnesses. He asked them the re-enact the whole thing with him as witness. Arjuna created another bridge and Hanuman stepped on it again. Krishna meanwhile went in deep contemplation. Hanuman jumped and ran across more than once, but the bridge did not break. However, the waters became bloody all around. Hanuman then stopped the bet. He asked Krishna to remove his maya and restore normalcy. Then Arjuna, confused, went close to Krishna and shocked, saw his back bloody and removed his cloth, and saw his whole body bloody. Hanuman revealed, “ Arjuna you don’t know the power of Sri Rama. This happened to the Lord to get victory for you. Krishna stood under the bridge and held it up. But unaware of this, I stupidly jumped and ran along this arrow bridge, so the arrows dug deep into Krishna’s body. Hanuman began to weep and so did Arjuna, realising they had become such sinners and hurt their beloved Lord!”

Hanuman’s karuna/kindness

“ Krishna touched his back with his flute and healed his wounds, revealing that Arjuna won “not because of my compassion, but because of Hanuman’s karuna/kindness….Because you abused Sri Rama, Hanuman was distressed and wanted to test you. If he decides you are nobody, you are lost. But I cannot feel happy if my devotee loses. So, I made you victor in spite of Hanuman. The power showed by Hanuman is just a fraction of his powers….”Arjuna fell at the Feet of both Sri Hanuman and Sri Rama, and begged for their mercy and blessings! Prasananjaneya ki Jai! Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman ki Jai!

Photocredit; Drone footage by Dattapeetham of our Magnificent Trinidad Hanuman Gift of HH Poojya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji of Mysuru, India.

On this auspicious Hanuman Jayanti Day, we thank our Sadguru for bringing him here in His peaceful form, to protect and bless us! May our Sadguru grant us strength to renew our efforts, do Pradakshina chant Hanuman Chalisa, praise and pray to Sri Hanuman to conquer our ego and all our difficulties!

OM namo Hanumate Namaha!

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