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Tataji’s Love- the purest form of love.

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

This piece highlights the unconditional love of Sadguru experienced by this young devotee in her unexpected moment of pain and suffering. Rohini Hanumath Swaroopa hails from Andhra Pradesh State, India.

Jaya Guru Datta

Your Love is always unconditional, pure, and not of this world.

When it comes to present the experiences that I had in my life till today under the umbrella of Tataji (Shri Swamiji's) blessings, they are too extraordinary for description. Rather I feel like I should run in search of some very wonderful words which we might not even encounter in the English dictionary.

Tataji’s grace is immense, tremendous, vast, wonderful, fantabulous ..., truly I mean it.

Also if I could write all the experiences in my life under the bountiful mercy of Tataji’s blessings upon this humble human existence, those would get piled up into a few mighty books (granthaas) may be!

So I’m here now to share one of the episodes of my life that I went through in recent times.

Pre-Covid Times:-

During Dasshara, we were in Vijayawada. That was a routine day for me. I woke up early, did puja, done with my breakfast and everything was as usual and in the evening also I went to my workout session. After reaching home, as our house owner’s relatives had arrived, there was no space for our car in the portico. So that day I had to park the car at one of my friend's place. I parked the car and reached the home, freshened up, had dinner, etc. everything was normal and fine. So then comes the shock of the day, the actual scene. My body’s temperature was uncontrollable all of a sudden, the thermometer hit 103°C. My mom and I thought it might be a normal viral fever. Anyhow I consulted a doctor near our home, I followed the medication, and was feeling fine by the next day. As I felt like my energy levels were back, I decided to somehow clean and decorate our home immediately without taking any rest or that kind of stuff. So I did it!

As this is the Dassara festival period, in the evening we also went out for darshan of “Shri Kanaka Durgamma” (which is a very famous and powerful Shakti Devi temple in Vijayawada). Afterwards I drove my Amma home.

The very next day I couldn’t wake up and somehow again very high fever had knocked my body, and I experienced heavy chills though I was wrapped with 4 thick blankets.

By evening my situation was more terrible than in the morning and somehow we went to a bigger hospital this time. My BP dropped to a level of 60/40 with 103°C fever and I could hardly walk with nil energy.

Here I was diagnosed with “Dengue”.

Up to that moment we thought that the only issue we faced was that the timely treatment which those hospital people were giving to me was not right, not up to the mark, and proper. The doctor and the staff were very irresponsible. Meanwhile I was just lying on the hospital bed struggling hard to just breathe.

Analyzing this situation happening then in that particular hospital, my mother immediately called up our family doctor who was in Hyderabad, for proper medication.

See this is what happens, one should never think that why the God is not around when you are facing problems, but instead, when we get that gnana- correct thinking or an immediate idea--- at that point of time in my case, to take me soon to our family doctor for proper medication-- during that confused state of mind and situations, where it seemed to be like our hands were tied with a knot--- from where this idea has come from? It has come only from the Grace of the Sadguru, in my humble opinion!

We go to Hyderabad for treatment

After getting myself a dose of saline, so as to boost my energy to travel, that night we journeyed from Vijayawada to Hyderabad (approx. 300 km) .

There, I got admitted to another hospital under the keen supervision of our doctor, but believe me, it was like a phase of hell going through the treatment. 24/7 saline for 7-8 days non-stop, daily drawing out the blood, daily injections, etc., not mentioning every detail of mainly such medical stuff.

At some point in time, in between, my platelets also went very low to 20k only,

Here comes another scene, where the Doctor suggested an infusion of platelets.

But where are the donors for platelets? That’s a big question at that time. Though if we get the platelets those should suit me if not, that would be a problem again.

After a longwinded and vigorous search, thanks to Tataji, a person called up and he sold the platelets to us and luckily those got matched with my blood, so I underwent an infusion. (At that time some other person with the same condition as mine also undergone a platelet infusion but it did not match with his blood it seems, he got shivaikyam ( soul got united with Shiva ).

Tataji consoles and strengthens me

I constantly believed "Tataji is with me." And during this time while I was in that situation HE called me, spoke to me on the phone. Shri Swamiji’s words in consoling me boosted up my energy levels and those words were really strength-giving to me and Shri Swamiji assured me that he is there with us and constantly urged me to stay strong. These words from Shri Swamiji were like showers of blessings I believe.

I burst into tears for the love that Swamiji has sprinkled upon me.

Yes, it is always said that no love is as pure as a mother's love right!? Guru’s love is, more than the mother’s love, so generous, so blissful, so full of peace, it’s the most unconditional and purest form of love!

Then see magic happened!!!!!!

Miraculously, I started recovering from that situation by the evening itself! The doctor himself got surprised having noticed my speedy recovery from the very worst situation to best within a short span.

Hence, the bad situation started to set itself right within just two days.

Mentally with Tataji beside me, I got discharged from the hospital on the 9th day with a smiling face! Jaya Guru Datta.

Part 2

I humbly devote my heartful Pranams to the lotus feet of Tataji.

Right now I am in the final year of my BA.LLB Hons, at Vijayawada only.

To talk about my background, My father rested his soul in the feet of Tataji when I was 7yrs old So I am a girl who is being brought up by a single mother and here I also wanted to mention a point that being a single mother (my mother) trying to prepare herself mentally and emotionally is one of the hardest things that she would have to ever do. Especially in this very typical, complex, and discriminated society that we are living in today, bringing up a girl child without letting fall of any negative impact on her, without any family support, etc. How all this has happened!? It happened only with the strength and courage that Tataji has inculcated upon us. HE always urged us to be the lady tigers in this society.

My mother was always curious about education. By the time I lost my father my mother was a school teacher but after my father’s demise at a very young age, education was the only diversion that she had.

With Tataji’s blessings, she is now a Section Officer working at A.P Secretariat, Andhra Pradesh.

Appaji showers tons of miracles

Coming back to me, I was born in a small town called Machilipatnam. And during my childhood, I never thought a day would come in my life where I can get on a flight also but Tataji’s blessings gave me an opportunity that I attended a live Parliament Loksabha session in the capital city of India (New Delhi). Where is Machilipatnam in the deep corner of south of Andra! , Where is the capital city New Delhi in the north!? That too getting into the parliament and meeting many of our country leaders and politicians. See this is what we call Tataji’s Grace, and also there are tons of miracles in my life, every day, every movement, so I could see, feel and cherish His Grace! I humbly devote my heartful Pranams to the lotus feet of Tataji. Thank you so much Tataji Swamiji for being with us.

Your Love is always unconditional, pure, and not of this world.




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