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Teacher's Day message

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Appaji discourse on the morning of Teacher’s day

59th Teachers' Day Celebration

The birthday of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (5 September) is celebrated as Teachers' Day in India since 1962

5 October is celebrated annually as World Teachers' Day, also known as International Teachers Day since 1994

Traditionally in India Guru Purnima is celebrated to honour and pay respect to Gurus and Teachers

Today is Teacher's day. Teacher is very important. They undertake many good activities and they sacrifice also. They give good education. We need such good service in our nation. We need devotion towards motherland. This can happen with education. Our life span is very short. So we must do good service to family, society and ourselves. Education not only uplifts us socially but also spiritually. We should read our scriptures like Mahabharata, Ramayana and meanings of Bhagavad Gita. Do not waste time. Each moment, each breath is important. Keep your mind busy instead of watching dirty movies, thinking dirty thoughts or mingling with dirty people. You will be only digging your own pit by getting more sin.

Through Puja you must develop connection with the invisible cosmic power. You can call the cosmic power which is the deity or God. I won't say too much and confuse you. You already know. Many books and scriptures say about the spiritual powers. Give respect for your Gurus and teachers. Along with social education, spiritual education also is important. The first Guru is mother. Few mothers give good knowledge to kids. Few mothers only give pain. They only give bad thoughts, make you cry etc. Mother is God, I agree. But I don't like such mothers. 99 percent are good mothers. If your mother has good education, she bestows the same on to you. "Give me, give me" (desires) is not devotion. This is just being crazy. We must do mediation without any desires. Communication with your God heart to heart. It's not about senses because one day we leave this body. Once buddhi dies it's all over. Give good respect to mother, father, Guru etc. Go within to find Antaryami. Don't waste even a minute of time. I cry when I see some people. They read novels to pass time. If someone says they are passing time, they are sinners. It's not good. Time is precious. You must not say that. If you say so, God will make you die immediately. You watch dirty videos, engage in chattering etc saying it’s to pass time. You live 80-90 years and you die after. What do you take back with you? Do good things. Water plants. You can be 100 years but you should be eager to learn. You have time for everything. But not for education? Learn mantras, do regular practise of what you have learnt from Guru. Many small kids are analysing Mahabharata and are writing. It takes me one and half hour to listen/read to all that. I give elders also the permission to write. Many are sending so many messages in telegram. You must analyse what Appaji says in the morning and evening. All those who have eligibility for Gayatri mantra, do 10 lakh japa and offer it to me. Do not even touch phone while doing it. I told this to a few people and they became so pious today. Even the family members are surprised. Take sankalpa today. When you see Swamiji, offer it. All those who have the eligibility for Guru mantra, take sankalpa and offer me 10 lakhs. This is enough for me. This is Corona time.

Ashrama is somehow running despite having no money. I can still continue like this for 100 years. I have created many ideas and trusts so that this can keep running. All the money that comes, I divert that to the trust. I am saying this to say that we are happy. This is Hanumanji's grace. So, increase your Sadhana. Do not get entangled in something while saving someone. This is like Corona. Protect yourself while you protect others. This disease has taught a nice message. Mother nature was destroyed and now it's getting repaired. We were told not to shake hands, no kissing etc. Now this generation is seeing everything - good and bad. I have seen good and bad leaders also. With Hanumanji's grace, I have got good education. I still want to learn. Take oath, chant any mantra/Guru upadesha mantra and offer to Swamiji. Sit for 3-4 hours and chant. Your mind will be very peaceful. Do not let anything in your mind. You just take care of those who take refuge in you like mother, father etc. Do not care anyone else. I am saying this with God as witness. My father used to do. Now not even one person does. Offer 1 crore to me. You can offer anything to me and I will ask for more. Do this and offer to me when I am healthy.

In another 40 days, Mahabharata's episodes for two years will be finished. I have not seen a devotee like Ramji (Mysore Ashrama researcher). He writes 24 hours. He doesn't care anything. There are 2-3 people like this. I want to live for such people. He will attain Jeevan mukti directly. I need such kids. If I have 2-3 people like this also, I will live for 100 years. I do not want crazy people around me. Show me 2-3 people like that and I will hug them.

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