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Anagha Vrata is nothing but Yoga

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Appaji performing Sri Chakra Puja in front of Anagha Deva and Anagha Devi parivaar
Photo Credit: Avadhoota Datta Peetham

Presently, in this world, everyone is suffering enormously. Earth and other planets are behaving in strange fashion. So also the Sun, the oceans, the five elements are all behaving strangely. To pacify them all, it is imperative to engage in spiritual activity.

HH Sri Ganapathy Sachidananda Swamiji’s speech (Rajamundry, Feb 10th evening)

On 6th Jan 2021, the Ayuta Anaghavrata yagna is being organized at Warangal on a large scale. Everyone must participate in that yagna.

Video Credit: SGS Posts

Anagha Vrat reduces problems and dangers.

Presently, in this world, everyone is suffering enormously. Earth and other planets are behaving in strange fashion. So also the Sun, the oceans, the five elements are all behaving strangely. To pacify them all, it is imperative to engage in spiritual activity. If the spiritual activities are properly conducted, the intensity of the problems will be mitigated. To some extent there can be relief. At times it appears as if these dangers and problems are to remind us to get back on the path of dharma.

Increases devotion

Other cities are giving Anagha vrata counts in lakhs- 54 lakhs, 30 lakhs etc. …. Even a single yagna performed at home comes to Swamiji’s notice if it is entered in the Dattapeetham website. Swamiji has simplified the Yagna process. Even if you lack devotion in the beginning, gradually devotion will enter into you as you continue with the yagnas.

Anagha vrata puja is a karma that is coupled with yoga. In this yantra, we are invoking all the deities- Mahavishnu, Mahalakshmi, Sadashiva, Gauri mata, Parabrahma, Mother Saraswati- the Goddess of knowledge. In addition, Lord Venkataramana- the Lord of Kali-yuga, Lord Satyanarayana and the Satya-devatas are all invoked.

Why must we perform puja? Here, in the form of the kalasha, we have invoked the deities. Paramatma is like our family member. Why do we offer Naivedya to God? It is with feelings of gratitude- ‘What You have given me, I am sharing with You’. To symbolize that the Lord resides in our home, we have a separate puja room/ altar. It is to say that the Lord resides with us in our home.

The truth is that the non-dual Lord resides in the Ananda-dhāma (the abode of supreme bliss). Such Supreme Lord descended from that ultimate abode and, in Brindavan that was inhabited by the Gopikas, made himself visible to each of them in a gross form. To each person he appeared differently. To some, Krishna was their brother; to some others He was their brother-in-law; to some He was a father; to another He was a lover and the like.

The Lord makes Himself visible

The supreme Lord manifested in a gross body composed of the senses. He, who otherwise reveals himself only in the devotees mind, now manifested in a gross form and made Himself visible to them. For this reason, He is addressed as a complete incarnation (poorna avatar). The devotees celebrated that they could see the Lord with their senses; touch Him, serve Him, talk to Him, offer Him food. They served Him in various ways. From some homes He stole butter; from some homes He stole milk; from some He stole their mind; He stole their sins- He showed extra-ordinary miracles.

Thank the Lord for difficulties

Another interpretation is that – the Lord who remains beyond the understanding of even the mind manifested with a gross body in Brindavan. How fortunate were the devotees who lived in Krishna’s time! It could be true that we were born then. Only because we lived in that time, today we are chasing the Lord. In order to ensure we do not forget Him, He has built in difficulties in our life, so that at least during difficulties we will think of Him. For this reason, we must eternally thank Him.

A few thousands of Swamiji’s devotees have compiled their experiences into a two-volume book in which they talk of how they met Swamiji, how with His association they could free themselves of difficulties, how they could obtain real knowledge; how Swamiji sports with us. The third volume is being compiled. Innumerable experiences have been narrated in those books. Such devotees have the belief- ‘We are talking with Swamiji; we are playing with Him; we are fighting with Him; we are eating along with Him’- how fortunate they are! The fact that you are moving about with me implies you existed during Krishna’s incarnation. It is guarantee. However, your other actions, your sins and due to falling into delusion– you drifted far away from Him. In order to pull you back, He has given you difficulties and using them He is dragging you back.

Do you know the sport played by Lord Rama with Tyajaraja swami? Tyagaraja Swami would sing fabulous compositions on Rama. But, Lord Rama wanted to hear him sing when he was faced with viraha taapa (intense longing caused due to pain of separation). With this motto, He had the idols stolen from Tyagaraja swami’s home. That this was the Lord’s intent was evident from the fact that Tyagaraja swami’s elder brother himself stole those idols and threw them into River Kaveri.

Idols/murtis are instruments to connect with God

It is wrong to condemn idol worship. Why can’t the Lord, who exists everywhere and in all forms, exist in the form of idols? In order to restrain (nigraha) the mind, we use idol (vigraha). Although people may condemn idol worship, my connection with the Lord who exists as the idol is the proof to me that he exists in it.

Tyagaraja swami would ardently worship Rama’s idols. To the Lord who was in that idol, he offered lakhs of compositions. But the compositions he composed after losing those idols- they brought out his real devotion. For this reason, even to date, those compositions are revered. Rama wanted to hear him sing with absolute devotion- for this reason, He had the idols stolen.

Attachment to wealth breeds arrogance

When difficulties arise, do not abuse the Lord; instead learn to thank Him, because at least during difficulties we chant His names. In normal days, we will not think of the Lord. Our arrogance and our extreme attachment to wealth prevents us from thinking of Him. There are people who say that they can buy anything with their wealth. ‘We can buy a huge hospital’- they claim. But, when afflicted with cancer, the entire wealth serves no purpose. The treatment and the operation may offer temporary cure but they cannot heal permanently. The disease will not leave the person until it drags him into death’s territory.

Problems can lead us to real dispassion

Real dispassion means to focus on the Lord at such hour. As people are forgetting God and devotion, periodically He showers them with problems.

It was some desire that pulled you to Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji. Else you would never have come to Him. You did not come to him seeking material comforts, for you are well provided. But yet you came here to Him. Why? 5% people have coming seeking a spiritual Guru. Another 5% were totally captivated by Swamiji’s transcendence and unable to hold themselves back –they have come. But, neither are they able to hold on completely to him, nor are they able to abandon Him completely.

Video Credit: SGS Posts

Make time and effort to follow Sadguru and understand His essence

Suppose a person pours hot ghee into his mouth. He does not want to spit it out as the ghee is costly and is of high quality. At the same time, he cannot swallow it as it is hot. Like him, there are a few who swing in-between. Neither can they hold on completely to Swamiji nor can they leave Him. They do not have the time to understand His essence completely and follow Him and His words. But at the same time they have no heart to let go off Him. Mind forces them to go for Swamiji’s darshan. They feel guilty if they do not visit Him. They swing in this state.

Anagha Vrat helps in preventing us from committing sins

Understand that all of you are seated in Sadguru’s boat. People of all types are in this boat which is steered by Sadguru. At times, captain announces, ‘the tide is high. Please do not move. Remain where you are’. Because if the passengers move, the boat will topple and sink. In a boat, any hole can cause water to seep in causing it to sink. In the boat called human body, there are nine holes. From any of the holes, sins and difficulties enter. The moment sin enters, the life-force vanishes.

The moment water enters, air goes away. Similarly, when sin (compared here with water) enters into us, life-force (compared with wind) goes away. If we want the life-force to remain, we must carefully prevent sin from entering through any of the doors. Men have 9 holes, women have 12. These holes/doors must be strictly disciplined. The life-force or the individual soul (jeevatma) doesn’t want to connect to sin.

With the help of that jeevatma we must accomplish (our goal). Puja, prayers, chanting divine names, performing vrata, tapa, japa, bathing in holy rivers, going on pilgrimages, performing annadana are all spiritual tools in the path of karma. All these activities that take us closer to the Lord must necessarily be performed by one and all. Anagha vrata is one among such activities.

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Anagha vrata is nothing but yoga.

We invoke Ishitva, Vashitva and other supernatural energies, who are connected with Yoga. Swamiji has incorporated Yoga into the vrata form. His intent is to popularize this path of Yoga and ensure that more people tread the spiritual line. His intent is that more and more people must come under Paramatma’s drishti (gaze).

In this Kali-yuga, what happens, when, where and why is unknown. A new disease has emerged in one place; in another place they say that the oceans are eroding away the place, earth is shattering in some places. TV and internet have ensured that we are well-aware of all happenings even in distant lands.

Grieving unnecessarily wastes precious time

The moment a rat dies in some home, we get the flash news. We then grieve for that rat although we have no idea where it lives and to whom it belongs. But the news leaves us saddened. To add to our misery, the TV channel flashes that news the entire day. ‘The owner is weeping’- they report. They show images of the dead rat and of the grieving owner one after another. They show the place it lived, how it would run on its master’s body. This news is flashed the entire day leaving us miserable by evening. What is this? What connection did you have with that rat? Neither did you know the rat personally nor did you know its owner. You have no idea where it lived. But yet you are grieving for it.

Similarly, if someone in some country meets with an accident, the news is replayed so many times that mentally we travel to that place and we are soaked in grief. A lot of time is lost due to this. This is the outcome of internet and TV. Due to this continuous news reports, we are giving far more importance to events than what is due.

Do you think that no one died in the past? Do you presume that rats did not die in the past? Did the owners not grieve at that time? Haven’t many ships sunk in the past? Did we get that news? No. Because we did not know that news, we were peaceful.

Mobile phones can be enemies if misused

There was a time when a person had to wait hours to book a trunk call. With mobiles, now people are extra-connected. Each person carries many mobiles- one mobile for wife’s calls, one for the other wife and the third mobile for receiving calls from his other female friend. What I am saying is the fact as is happening today.

From the time mobiles entered the market, people forgot to look at the road when walking or driving, leading to many accidents. Families have stopped having meals together. Just as they sit for meals, the mobile rings and the person immediately attends to it. In the process he forgets his other family members who are eating along with him. He also forgets to eat properly. The family does not enjoy a happy meal together. It is imperative that the mobile should be kept far away during meal time. The moment the phone rings the person forgets those who are standing before him and rushes to answer the phone.

Swamiji uses mobile phones to draw us closer to God.

Mobiles are the enemy of the modern world. Swamiji has decided to use this enemy to take us to God. For this reason, the Anagha vrata puja method has been put in the website. You can use your phone to access the site and complete your puja.

As you are filled with inertia, I need to use techniques suited to you to draw you closer to God. Just as the police learn the thieving techniques to catch the thief, in order to help you I need to develop inertia. Only then I can take you to God. Just as the police mingle with the thieves in order to catch them one day, God transforms into a human being, a friend, a family member and, while involving in your karma, takes you away from your karma.

True friends weep along with their friend who is in distress. With this, the friend who is in grief is consoled. On the contrary, if the friend were to say, "Don’t narrate your sorrows. I am in the same boat. I cannot listen to all this", then the person who is suffering will feel uncared and will further sink into dejection.

Swamiji listens patiently to help devotees develop faith

For this reason, when devotees narrate their woes, I listen patiently however long it could be. Whether they find solution to their problem or not depends on their destiny. But I lend them a patient ear. Consoled that someone cares for them, half their grief is dissolved. The other half only needs treatment. But if I were to send them away without listening to them, then their faith in God will totally vanish. Swamiji does all this only to help them develop faith in God. If not, why should Swamiji strive so much for the people?

As I have mentioned earlier, in Rama’s time or in Krishna’s time, we were all together. We were among those Gopikas who encircled Krishna. Even I was one among them. He has now allotted some work to each of us and we are on that errand. As part of that task I was asked to come to Rajamundry and spend few days here. After 12 years I am visiting this place.

Photo Credit: Avadhoota Datta Peetham

Anagha Vrat is part of your training to join in Swamiji’s mission

In India itself, I have devotees in every place. Even if I travel at the rate of one city/ sabha per day, I need one year only to cover India. At times I call people to my place and at other times I visit those kshetras. To cause an awakening in people who adamantly refuse to come to visit me, I travel to those places.

Whether I talk, sing, do Puja or not, everything depends on My will alone. No one can compel. Everything depends on your Yoga, destiny and luck. As you have done some supreme meritorious deeds, as you have love for divinity, Swamiji is giving you training. Anagha vrata is part of that training.

Do Anagha Vrat daily to help me in my mission

If you make up your mind to join me in my mission, then promise that you will perform Anagha vrata daily. A new duty has been given to me. I need to complete many crores Anagha vrata and offer the same to the Lord. Join me in this mission and help me.

Now I shall teach you about mental puja. In mental puja, you need to firmly believe that you are welcoming the Lord in your mind, offering Him a seat, offering Him water to bathe, water to sip, clothes to wear. In your mind you will offer lamp, incense stick and camphor light to him. In this mental puja, there is no need even for akshata. With such belief, listen to the Anagha vrata song.

Photo Credit: Avadhoota Datta Peetham

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