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Aripo Datta Kashi Temple

Sri Swamiji’s speech after Consecration of Shiva Lingam, 1990.

Meaning of Om Namah Shivaaya

Jai Guru Datta! Om Namah Shivaaya, Om Namah Shivaaya

Na Kara, Ma Kara, Shi Kara, Va Kara, Ya Kara.

Na Kara means without this world, only Cosmic Power.

Ma Kara means everything belongs to Cosmic Power.

Shi Kara means karma world, we are all racing in karma because we don’t know. Who worships Shiva and chants his name with devotion, gets rid of his karma.

Va Kara means Brahma protects our thoughts, creating always. We have three bodies, Sthula Sharira, or physical body, Sookshma Sharira or subtle body, and causil body. Three kalas also, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Tri Karma also, our mind belongs to three karmas: we are feeling yesterday, living today and desiring tomorrow. Nidra, we are in sleep, ignorance. We don’t chant mantra, we don’t want this kind of Guru, this kind of rituals… we want only TV, eating, money, money, money, house building, cinema, we want only quarreling, laughing… crying we don’t want. We want Samsara, laughing only we want. Disappointment only the Guru’s problem. ‘Why you don’t protect me, Swami, I am chanting your name’. But I give only my sins. Not good! But when happiness comes, you don’t chant, you forget Guru, not good! Guru sharing everything with you, happiness, Sukha and duhkha, pain also.

Ya Kara means this whole karma. The five syllable mantra, NAMAH SHIVAAYA, who chants this with devotion gets yoga(union with god), he won’t come back again. Some people’s mind-(your karma), don’t want Guru because they thinking Guru like this, thinking at their level. We don’t want Guru… today our Guru is Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji but tomorrow we want divorce. It should not be like that. Our Guru goes heaven, we following, our Guru goes hell, ok, we follow, or Guru goes to river, we also follow. Yesterday also my Guru, today also my Guru, tomorrow also my Guru. I don’t change my mind. Ya Kara means this… not Swami’s words…

Today this River is Kashi, very secret. I’ll give only 10% secret today. What makes this river sacred? Pancha Nadis. Parashurama created these five streams. In Datta Darshana it comes. When Dattatreya said,”I want some water to drink here, very thirsty.” Parashurama created Pancha Nadi in Indra Loka, like Na Ma Shi Va Ya. This place (Aripo) is Parashurama Kashi.

Through Chandool, no, not Chandool, not his body, I think some Rishi, Swamiji come here. I don’t want to praise Saroop family also. If I praise Saroop family(Penal family) the punya (merit) goes. I just want to strengthen devotion.

Today, history created in Trinidad. Datta Kashi ki Jai! Datta Kashi ki Jai! So many yogis listening. Now Swamiji going river bath alone. Don’t come. Don’t pour water today on lingam when you pray. Only today. Saroop family come tomorrow and do abhishekam, pour water and do puja.

Om Namah Shivaaya, Om Namah Shivaaya. *

*Footnote: Since ancient times it is known that for a place to become a Holy Shrine(Kshetra) the existence of the following are essential.

1. River

2. God or Goddess

3. Saint

For example- Kashi(Benares) is a very important Shrine(Kshetra) because the Holy River Ganges flows from north, Holy Shrines of Lord Vishwanath Jyotirlinga and Mother Goddess Vishalakshi and the fact that thousands of Holy saints have made Kashi their abode since ages.

If you think on these lines and going by these standards, Gangapuram is one of the greatest Kshetras, for the following reasons:

1. In Gangapuram we can see the confluence of five (5) holy rivers- Saraswati, Shiva, Bhadra, Kumbhi and Bhogavathi. (Now we know that we have five (5) holy rivers in Aripo Sangam.)

2. Lord Shiva is enshrined there in the form of Lord Kalleswara Linga; we have the Aripo Vana Shiva Lingam installed by Sri Swamiji.

3. Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji has visited Aripo Kashi Nath Sangam at the Heights of Aripo on several occasions since 1986 and the Aripo River since 1976. Jaya Guru Datta! Vishwa Datta Swamiji ki, Jai!

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