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He speaks to you from within.

The experience of Rewati Basant.

Rewati Basant is an old devotee of Pujya Swamiji.

Jaya Guru Datta.

It was not difficult to accept Sri Swamiji as Sadguru, having grown up in a home where Guru Pooja and Devi Worship were performed annually and taken part in many Guru Satsangs. More so, I have experienced his guidance throughout my life’s journey thus far.

In 1986, I recalled that there was a long line of people inside the Dattatreya Yoga Centre Ashram, where Sri Swamiji was blessing the devotees with water from the Aripo River. When He stood in front of my daughter and me, he very lovingly said," "Go for prasadam." It felt as if my father, my mother, even my brother was talking to me.

My most memorable experience was when I went to India on February 21st 2001. He told my brother in an interview to go to India. This brother then invited my other brother and they both got a ticket for me also, so I could travel with them. Something I had never thought about! it was a blessing from Appaji!

My visit to India the land of my Nana’s birth.

In India, Sri Swamiji performed Ganga Pooja and Maha Shivaratri Pooja, for the first time outside of Mysore Ashram on February 21st, 2001. It was a most wonderful experience. He told the devotees who were gathered there that he had removed all their past karmas.

While sitting on the bank of the Ganga River my thoughts went back to Trinidad wondering what my husband and daughter must be doing at this time. Suddenly, I heard Swamiji’s voice saying to me “I will take care of you and your family.” When I looked in front of me, Appaji was in the distance talking to some devotees who were in front of him, receiving his blessing.

Swamiji knows everything

I learned from this experience that Appaji is inside of us and that he knows everything.

Before leaving the Yagnashala at Haridwar, Swamiji said that there were many beautiful temples in the area, and we should go and have darshan. Driving to and from the Bhadra Kali Temple where Appaji did his Poojas was a beautiful sight. At the top of the mountains there were two lovely temples, one was the Chandi Devi Temple and the other the Mansa Devi Temple. It was as if these temples were coming out of the clouds! It was indeed a wonderful sight. After visiting these temples, I recalled having seen one of them in a dream before going to India. It was just as I saw it. Thank you Appaji for your blessing!

Sri Guru Datta.

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