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“Karyasiddhi Hanuman answers your prayers!”

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

In recent days the incidence of Kidnapping has reared its ugly head, Here is an account of how Jamie Deosaran had sought refuge in Sri Hanuman Ji to come to her assistance as told in Jan. 2005 THD Mala..


On Sunday 4th July 2004 three bandits , one with a gun, suddenly entered our home about seven in the night, tied us up and took Rodney Deosaran, my husband. I was terrified. I had a two year old baby and didn’t know what to do.

Rodney’s experience

We were in the kitchen when three masked men approached, one with a gun. ‘What is your name?” they asked. “Richard,” I lied. But they grabbed me and tied everyone up. They knew exactly who they were coming for. They put me in a car and immediately blindfolded me. In fact they kept me blindfolded for the entire 42 days ordeal. From my mother-in- law’s house we reached a shack where I was placed in a room on a sponge.

During my stay in this shack I was kept blindfolded and handcuffed. My thoughts were continuously for my family. I wished them health and strength to keep going. I kept telling myself “Ah go come out.” Every spare chance was only prayer. I made a promise to myself that if I got out the first thing that I was having was a Ramayana Yajna. For the first 2 weeks I drank water only because I was afraid that they would poison me.

At the end of those 2 weeks I was very weak. It was a Sunday morning at 3 .00 am after speaking to my father (I guess he was checking to find out whether I was alive or not) that I was released at McLeod Trace and told to count to 100 before taking off the blindfold. I will always bear the scars from this ordeal and when I think back I appreciate this second chance which God has given me.

Jamie’s experience

I used to go there for my comfort and would talk to him normally and pour out everything, all my feelings to him and cry before him. I felt he was really listening. Soon after the kidnapping, I sent a letter to Swamiji with someone who was going to the Ashram. In the letter I told Him, “I’m alone without my husband. I need him. I have my son to look after.”

Then one day He did give me a sign. I was praying at home to Hanuman, in a small room which was closed. My eyes were closed. Suddenly, I felt a strong breeze passing in front of me. I knew this was something different, because the room was closed and there was no breeze entering before. At once, I got the message that he was alright, and that I was being tested and that I must believe that my prayers would be answered. Somehow I knew that I must also keep on praying.

Another time I dreamt that Sri Swamiji was sitting in front of me ,his hair was long and matted, Swamiji had a face of Hanuman on His clothes, and. Hanuman’s face was also on His boots. He was seated by a river and there were a lot of people going up to him and talking to Him. Then I also went very close to Him. I asked Him, “Why is he not coming home?” referring to my husband. He replied, “Don’t worry”, and He kept smiling at me. He wasn’t looking worried and I wondered why.

My shoulder was touching his, so close I was sitting, and He kept saying “Don’t worry.” My son was with me and I bowed to His boots and on the top of the boots Hanuman’s face was there. My son also licked his boots. This was sometime in August.

One day after praying to Lord Hanuman at the Datta Yoga Centre, I got the urge to enter the Datta Temple, and I talked to Swamiji in front of His picture. I didn’t know if to give up and I spoke to the Pundit and he told me, “Don’t worry, come and pray and do nine Shiva poojas, and before the third one you’ll get an answer. And it really happened.

Before I did the Pooja the second time, he came home on a Sunday morning about 42 days after he was taken. I am certain this result was because of my coming and praying at the Centre, and because of Hanuman and Sri Swamiji.

Now I feel that Hanuman did help me and whatever problems people may have, they should believe that Hanuman could help, because He exists and He helped me. The faith and strength Hanuman gave me and the help we got, came from Sri Swamiji and Lord Hanuman.

Om Namo Hanumate Namah!

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