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Pradakshina at the 85 Ft Karya Siddhi Hanuman.

Doing Pradakshina at the 85 Ft Karya Siddhi Hanuman.

“ Doing Pradakshina cuts karma, removes sins and gives health benefits. See the energy behind this energy. Swamiji is the cause of all this good energy. Concentrate on this energy which is the Atman of Sri Swamiji, and which is Paramatman Energy.” (Pujya Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji)

85ft. Trinidad Karya Siddhi Hanuman. Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman, is the form who grants or fulfils our wishes. Sri Swamiji has said, “Trinidad is Hanuman country.” Here, Hanuman has been consecrated in a square compound 160x160 sq. ft. There is a 5ft. external pathway adjoining the compound wall. Corridors lead to the internal circular pathway 15ft.wide. The main entrance to the temple is 20ft. wide. The inner pathway is flanked by a circular pool/fountain finished with blue metal boulders. Three concentric steps, 5ft. wide, surround this tall, majestic Hanuman. The single cell temple, with its adjoining porch, sits at the foot of the 85ft. Hanuman. On the right side is the temple of Sri Satyanarayana Swami, and on the left side is Sri Rama Pariwar Temple.

Protect your family, country and yourself Sri Swamiji has instructed us to do Pradakshina around the Murti on Tuesdays and Saturdays especially, though any day is good also. Chanting protects the one who chants and he who listens, and also purifies the mind and the environment. Collective prayers and chanting is a sure way to earn Sri Hanuman’s blessings for your country and your family, as well as the world.

Sri Chakra Walk

When the devotee enters this site, he is actually entering the outer field of the Sri Chakra (the sacred symbol of the Universal Consciousness of Devi), and therefore participating in a power field. The field enclosures through which he must pass to reach the Sanctum, are symbolic. The practice is to walk around the Murti as many times as possible. One can do so using the outer or inner paths, or do the Sri Chakra Pradakshina from outer to inner, using the 4 entrances provided, as taught by our Sadguru Datta. This is for balancing the energies in the chakras of the body, and to help in restoring the health of a person.

The entire area has a pronounced similarity to the outer square of the Sri Chakra , where Hanumanji stands guard at the entrance. Here he has been placed in the central position facing east, with right hand upraised in Abhaya Mudra, (blessing), and the left hand at his side resting on the Mukdar(mace), ready to protect his devotees.

Sri Chakra Pradakshina

The procedure for the Sri Chakra Pradakshina is as follows: (a) Enter through the main gate, bow to Sri Hanuman, walk around the deity clockwise along the main path, then bow in front the Murti ,walk out the same entrance (1) to the outer path and walk around turning right or clockwise until you meet the south or next entrance (b) Enter from the south (no. 2) to the main inner pathway once again and continue clockwise, returning to bow in front of the murti and proceeding to the same south pathway. Exit it to the outer path, continuing clockwise to the western entrance, no. 3. (c). Enter from this west side, no. 3, to the main inner path, going clockwise around completely until you exit from this same western path to the outer path. Go around to the right, until you enter the northern entrance No. 4. to the main inner path, going around clockwise as usual, to the left until you exit from this same northern path to the outer path. Turning right, clockwise go around until you enter once more the main entrance No. 1, then go around the deity completely and bow before ending. This is one Sree Chakra Pradakshina.

To sum up, whichever entrance you enter starting from the main one, do one round or Pradakshina and exit through the same path to the outer walk.

Then go around clockwise until you meet the next entrance, repeating the process, until you are in front of the Murti, before exiting the main entrance. You can do more than one Sri Chakra Pradakshina. Nine such Pradakshinas may take roughly more than two hours and is equal to 108 normal Pradakshinas in merit.

Spiral Walk

This is a simple Pradakshina which was taught directly by Sri Swamiji Himself as He silently led

the devotees around one night, then sat on the lawn with everyone around Him. It consists of completely going around the Murti five times, starting with the outer square at the main entrance, then progressively going clockwise around the circular walks, moving to the next inner level after you have Darshan of the murti each time. ( The first two raised inner pathways are shown in the diagram, but devotees have to go around the third raised, smallest pathway closest to the Murti also.) No need to actually enter the Temple until all five Pradakshinas are completed. (The numbers 5 and 11 are sacred to Sri Hanuman.) Many devotees like to simply do Pradakshina for eleven times around the Murti on the main circular path.

Chant Mantras Bow to Sri Hanuman each time you pass in front of Him. Chant “Om Namo Hanumate Namah”, or any Hanuman Mantra or chant Hanuman Chalisa while doing Pradakshina. Hanuman Chalisa is the famous 40 verse hymn in praise of Hanuman, composed by Tulsidas. When Hanuman is praised with it, he remembers his powers and comes to help the sincere devotee and alleviate his suffering. You may also chant “Shivaya Rudraya Namaha” as instructed by Sadguru Sri Swamiji in 2018, for the welfare of our country, or your Guru Upadesha mantra. Hanuman also quickly comes to the aid of the devotee who praises Sri Rama with full devotion and concentration, so you may chant as many times as possible also “Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Siya Ram”, as instructed to us by Sri Swamiji.


Swamiji also wants you to see the 85ft. Hanuman and the 4ft. sandstone murti in the inner

sanctum simultaneously before or after doing pradakshina. Directly staring at Sri Hanumanji 54ft. away is a seated camel, the vehicle of Hanuman. The bhakta should see both murtis at the same time while making mental prostrations, by standing directly in front of the camel. Once, while performing an early morning pradakshina, Swamiji intuited that the camel has to be here. The camel is mentioned in Parashara Samhita in relation to the 6th Avatar of Hanumanji ie. Suvarchala ( Divine light/knowledge) Anjaneya Hanuman. He was chosen and gifted by a devotee as Hanuman’s vehicle, on the occasion of Hanuman’s marriage to Suvarchala. Though Hanuman does not need a vehicle, he graciously accepted the gift to bless the devotee. The camel also represents one-pointed devotion and concentration. It can tolerate a lot of thirst by storing water for a long time within and has a lot of strength and endurance. So we have to fill our inner selves with the thought of Hanuman/ Guru/God to be able to withstand the heat of worldliness, and progress well in our spiritual journey.

(From the astrological point of view, Sri Hanuman is represented as positive Mars and the camel is positive Moon. Moon is lord of the mind, while Hanuman helps to strengthen our mind, making it more and more positive. Mars and Moon together produce a Lakshmi yoga. The camel is well known for its ability to go without water for 7 days and survive, so represents a positive moon because it stores water. Thus, by association Sri Hanuman is always fruitful and giving good results. Numerology shows 5+4 =9 which is the number of prosperity, luck and good fortune- Bhagya Lakshmi.)

Benefits of Pradakshina ( going around the Murti with prayerful attitude)

Sri Swamiji stated at the Consecration, “ I feel this is India, one piece of India. It is not necessary to go there. You feel such energy here because Swamiji gives good angles Yantra…feel that invisible Energy. Don’t feel this is a toy, monumental toy. It’s very sacred. If you make one round, one wish will be fulfilled, two rounds—two wishes get fulfilled—any wish, health, wealth, jnana/knowledge)…You can pray to this special form of Hanuman for help with any kind of problem. Other forms of Sri Hanuman usually serve Lord Rama and the other deities, but this form, with hand upraised in blessing, is to serve the devotees…. He has incarnated here….Progress will come to this country through Trinidad Hanumanta.”

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