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Ramayana...Did YOU know?

Divine Gems by Poojya Swamiji culled from the past......RAMAYANA

“….Everything works out according to Lord Datta’s wish. All our (Sri Swamiji’s) acts, actions and wishes are to fulfil the divine Cause. …This time in satsangh is precious. We are wasting so much time in earning money, viewing T. V. etc Swamiji does not say that you should avoid all worldly activities. But you should know your limitations. Where is the time to study the Scriptures like Ramayana and Mahabharata? Try to understand the essence of each line of Ramayana. Seeta is Jeevatman; Rama is Paramatman. Hanuman is Sadhana. Rama lives in the heart of each one of us.

Rama—Protector of Dharma

We have Ravanas as the six enemies in our own body. One by one we have to overcome them by persistent practice and Sadhana. When we kill the six enemies, greed, hated, anger, jealousy, attachment etc., we can easily find Rama in us. Ramayana is not merely a story. It is an example of a life leading to perfection. This example should be emulated by the whole society for generations to come. Rama is Pusushottama, i.e. the perfect jewel among men. He came to restore Dharma, by killing Ravana, as He possessed all Dharmic qualities…. Yet he had to suffer just like any other ordinary man….”

Dharma is not mere idol worship not rituals, but practising discipline….He is a real human being, the example for all, though an Avatar of Vishnu. Chanting His name, “Rama” gives true happiness. Righteousness is compulsory to benefit society. Every act of man has to be out of consideration for others, not only himself. Gautama was protected by Rama who brought his wife back to life from a stone. Rama killed Taraka, who was female, but a demoness who was harassing the sages, torturing and killing good people. She even tried to harm Rama and Sita. Rama took fruit from Shabari because she was ‘bhava shuddi’, that is, she had purity of heart. He did not fully outwardly accept Sita back because his people were more important than his personal happiness. Bad rumours of her might surface and did at least once, as she had stayed in Ravana’s kingdom without her husband Rama at her side. He as king, had to set the example, though he knew she was pure. Rama was the protector of Dharma.”

Reminder about Rama Mantra

Our Sadguru has blessed us with the powerful mantra “Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Siya Ram” and wants millions akhanda Japam of this mantra chanted for the benefit of the entire world. If chanted 1) in a Hanuman Temple, 2)near a Parijata tree, 3)in a Banana grove 4) on a hill top 5) near a river 6) near an ocean the number of Japa multiplies by 100 times. It should be chanted a couple of times before Anagha Vrata or Hanuman Chalisa also. So chant it daily individually or in a group any number of times and submit your count to

Sri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Siya Ram!


(Ramayana Saptaha, by Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji)

1. Sri Rama – represents ‘Buddhi Chaitanya’ i.e. Pure/Divine Consciousness reflected in the Intellect. He is also Paramatman.

2. Lakshman -- represents the ‘manas tattva’ i.e. Chaitanya or Consciousness reflected in the mind power

3. Bharatha – represents ‘ahamkara tattva’ i.e. reflected jeeva/soul consciousness in the ego

4. Shatrugna—represents ‘chitta tattva’ i.e. reflected consciousness in individual consciousness.

5. Dasharatha -- represents Jeevatma bound by the dasha indriyas(ten senses i.e. five Jnanendriyas /sense organs, and five Karmendriyas/organs of action)

6. Kaushalya -- represents Jnana Shakti/knowledge power , Kaikeyi—Ichcha Shakti/will power, and Sumintra-- Kriya Shakti/Action power

7. Vashista – represents Jnanabodha swaroopa tattva / one who embodies and imparts Divine wisdom.

DASHARATHA AND DATTA Sri Rama was a great person; Kartaviryarjuna an ordinary person and Dharmakirti a despicable person. However, to all the three, Datta was the Guru. Great emperors like Nahusha, and Dasharatha were all his disciples. For many reasons Dasharatha’s story is not popular. Commonly, he is known only for his attachment towards Rama, his weakness in listening to his wife Kaikeyi or for his attachment (moha) to Rama, when at first, he refuses to send Rama with the Rishi Vishwamitra to protect his sacrifices in the forest, by destroying the demons there….

Even those who explain the essence of Ramayana do not guide properly. They sometimes only say, ‘Indriyas/senses are the rathas/chariots. There are ten senses/Dasha indriyas. Hence, the person who has succumbed to his senses is Dasharatha. If he were to be really such a mean person, why would Sri Hari or Vishnu be born to him?....The first four Avatars were swayambhu, that is, the Lord did not need any parents. In the case of Vamana, Kashyapa Prajapati and Diti Mata did penance for thousands of years then only Vishnu was born to them….So what was Dasharatha’s speciality that Vishnu decided to be born to him?

By Datta's Grace Dasharatha became Ajatashatru

Dasharatha was an Ajatashatru (a person with absolutely no enemy)….We all know that Dharmaraja, and King Janaka were famous as Ajatashatrus….Dasharatha was a famous warrior who while in his physical body, went to Deva Loka to fight the demons and to save the gods. Though it is explicitly mentioned in Ramayana, people overlook this. Also, once when he was angry with Shani Deva (Saturn) he stopped its movements for some time. Both these incidents reveal the yogi in him….Such was his control over the senses that Sri Dattatreya took a personal interest in his life and influenced him. Due to this, changes took place in his valour, his capabilities and even in his heart. He had to fight many kings, but disliked none…So in Deva Loka, he came to be known as Ajatashatru. This is a very difficult state. It is easier to acquire the eight supernatural powers or siddhis than to be an Ajatashatru….Datta Swami was instrumental in changing and channeling Dasharatha’s thinking so that he was able to overcome these unnecessary feelings that could have caused havoc in his spiritual path. This was his greatness due to which Vishnu was born as his son though he had conducted putra kamesthi yaga for normal royal children….However, Sri Vishnu gave Himself to Dasharatha.

Trapped in moha/attachments

Yet, this great soul got trapped in attachment towards his family, especially Rama, though he had some degree of attachment towards Kaikeyi also. These made him collapse on the day Rama went into exile. This led to his downfall, but at the same time this took him towards liberation.

Datta’s Compassion as Adi Guru

Dasharatha’s real life Guru was Vashistha. It was Vishnu who gave him Liberation. Sri Datta on his own set the way for his spiritual growth. This is Datta’s compassion that He helps people on the spiritual path without thinking whether that person is his devotee or not. He corrects any Sadhaka who has certain weaknesses and helps him correct it. He is not bothered whether they honour him as Guru or not. Hanuman , Jamadagni, Janaka and Kumaraswamy were all helped by Him…. Why does Datta Swami do this? Because He is Adi Guru, the Gurus’ Guru.

(Excerpt from Sadguru Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda’s Discourse Bhakti Mala 1996)

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