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“Sri Swamiji told me ‘Don’t hide this information!’.”

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

By Neval Chatelal.

“Neval shares his secret about Pujya Sri Appaji when he sang in the last Chutney Soca which he won with his partner. His insistence in securing the 11th spot in the competition, and then singing and winning it, is reflective of his total immersion in the Rudra concept. He feels Sri Appaji’s has a profound influence on his music! (Editor’s note)

Neval Chatelal’s Speech at Concert on Hanuman Day of Prayer, 13th April 2019 at 85 Ft Sri Karya Siddhi Hanuman DYC Trinidad.

"In preparation for the Rudra Homa next year, we are all chanting the mantra given last year. Some of us are counting, some of us aren’t counting. Sri Swamiji is such a Guru that He knows the hearts of each of all of His devotees and He caters to every type of personality and every type of emotional makeup. So when He was giving us this mantra, He was indicating to the audience right here in Trinidad that He would ask us to count and submit the count. I’m sure that I was not the only one in the audience saying “But I can’t do that nah,” because sometimes the challenges that Guru gives us seem unsurmountable. He must have heard the cries from within and not just myself but from many other devotees who may have felt that the challenge was one that we could not have kept. So I am the type of devotee doing the countless chant. Let me see devotees doing the countless chant, don’t be ashamed and let's see all the devotees who are counting their chants and those who aren't chanting. (The audience indicates by show of hands) But the math doesn’t add up.

But regardless of whether you are chanting or not, I want to ask each and everyone here in this moment to combine the powers of concentration, on this mantra-- Shivaaya Rudraaya Namaha. I cannot begin to explain to you how much this mantra has already protected me and given me peace of mind in times that have been very challenging and this mantra has actually given birth to a composition with which I was able to secure the Chutney Soca Monarch this year. People may not believe it, but this mantra Shivaaya Rudraaya Namaha was the source of the winning song for 2019 Chutney Soca Monarch and I said so in my heart, but actually Swamiji told me “Don’t hide the information.”

Last visit for Guru Poornima, I was asked by Swamiji in front of everybody, some questions and I told Swamiji in response, “Swamiji, I hide your music in mine and I hide your mantras in my music and I take your music and use your formula in my music but I don’t want to say I create, because there is nothing that I really create because I feel like it all comes from Sri Swamiji, but the words that stuck with me most of all, were His reply, “Don’t hide, don’t hide!”

At the end:

I want everyone to please face Sri Bala Swamiji and Sri Hanuman right now, where he is seated, that is at the centre of our universe. We pray for peace protection for Trinidad and Tobago and the entire globe. Let us face Sri Swamiji and pray together. Chant with me Shivaaya Rudraaya Namaha….”

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