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Sundara Kanda Day 1 (Part 3)

This beauty is not outer beauty, this is inner beauty. What is inner beauty?

Keeping your heart pure is inner beauty. This is inner beauty. Sundara is the one who made his heart pure. He’s always sundara. Vanara! What is monkey called in Sanskrit? What? Yes, say it loud. Vanara! Nara is human, vanara means monkey look like human, that is why the name vanara. When I was taking this name, when I was thinking on Sundara Kanda, when I was thinking on vanara, something flashed in my mind. I thought, this is not vanara, var means he may be or he may not be, var is that. No, this is wow! This is wow nara, he’s so beautiful that is why it became vanara. Wow! Vanara is wow. You’re astonished, you’re happy by seeing his beauty right? How beautiful he is? That is the beauty of Hanuman. Vanara! Sundara means, sundam raatiti sundara, one who gives the moksha is sundara. Sundara kapimukhiyecha*, kapimukhya is Hanuman. The important person among the vanaras is Hanuman, so he is called sundara. You’ll find this this name in Hanuman’s sahasranama, a thousand names of Hanuman. He is sundara.

Hanuman gives us moksha

He gives us moksha, that is why he’s called sundara. So praying to Hanuman gives you moksha. Moksha means banda mochana, banda is bondage with troubles, bondage with sorrow, that is banda. Hanuman removes all your troubles. He removes all the obstacles, he gives you moksha. Moksha is Ananda, moksha is sukha, salvation, moksha is liberation. That is why this is called Sundara Kanda. This is at the end of Kishkinda kanda- hanumat Rama samāgama.

Now Rama and Hanuman are seeing each other. This is a wonderful chapter in Ramayana. In Valmiki Ramayana it is little different. Tulsidas Gos Swami Maharaj developed this incident in Ramayana because he thought, “This is very important.” A devotee seeing his deity for the first time! Hanuman was waiting, so he asked his mother, after finishing his university. After getting his certificate from Surya- he got certificate you know, he studied in Surya university. Who? Hanuman! He went there. (to Surya). We go to study to Canada, U.S.A. Many people come from India to study, maybe to Trinidad, some place in the U.S., same. The same way Hanuman went to ‘Surya university’, and he studied there. He finished all his studies, he got certificate and he returned. He asked his mother, “Oh mother! What is my duty? Where should I join? How much I earned?” he asked. Then Anjana Mata, you know what she said? She said. “From today onwards, you keep on chanting Rāma Rāma Rāma.” “Oh Mata, who is Rāma?” he asked. She replied,

“I’m not going to tell you who is Rama. By seeing him tears of happiness roll from your eyes, and you will have goosebumps. You will feel the joy, you will feel the bliss, you will feel that happiness, then you must know that is Rama.” This is what Anjana Mata said to Hanuman. From that day, he never stopped chanting Rāma, always Rāma, Rāma, Rāma, Rāma…. Anjana Mata, his mother, did upadesha of Rāma Nama. So always, keep on taking the mantra you got from your Sadguru! Never forget that mantra! That will help you to overcome many many troubles. Here, Hanuman kept on chanting Rāma, Rāma, Rāma, Rāma, Rāma. Say Rāma! Rāma! Rāma! Rāma! Rāma! Rāma, Rāma, Rāma, Rāma, Rāma… he chanted Rāma Rāma Rāma Rāma. Now, he had got the opportunity to see Rāma. Sugriva was afraid, “Arree! I never saw these two fellows. Who are they? They may be from Vali’s side. They’re here to kill us.” He was very much afraid. You know the first shloka of Hanuman in Ramayana? Sambrahmāsyasyajatāmiśḥ sambrahmahatyajyatāmyeśaḥ. “Do not fear, why fear when I am here.” This is Hanuman’s first dialogue in Ramayana. Sambrahmahatyajyatāmyeṣaḥ

Don’t fear!

“You leave this fearfulness, don’t fear. I am here, I will take care of you,” Hanuman said. “We should go and talk to them, then we would know who are they and from where they are coming. Without knowing anything, why you are feeling fear?”, Hanuman said. So then, Sugriva requested him. He said, “I cannot go to them, I’m very much afraid. Now I’m in full of fear, so you please go Hanuman.”

Atāīsatakaha suma Hanumana purusha jugahalabala rupanidana dadibaturupa dekotaijayi ahaisujani jiya sayanabhujayi viprarupadhari kahitaya gayahu mādhanayi pujata āpa bhayahu kotumhasyamala gaudasarirama shatrirupa hirahi bhavahu vira

First meeting of Hanuman with Rama

Then Hanuman, now he’s seeing Rama. He’s in front of Rama but he’s in different alankara, different disguise. Now he’s not monkey. He took a viprarupa, brahmanarupa. He decorated himself as a veda pundit, veda vidvan. Hanuman, now he’s not vanara. He can take any form right? He went in that form. Now he’s seeing Rama and Lakshmana and he asked them, “Who are you? Where are you coming from? I never saw you in this jungle. I see you both as tapasvis. Like someone came to do tapas in the forest but you are holding bow and arrows. What tapasvis, why tapasvis bow and arrows? Why are you holding bow and arrow? I doubt you! Who are you? Where are you coming from? I want to know!”

Kathina bhumi komalapadagami tavanaheto becharahu bana swami mrduhanamānohara sundara daata sahādatu sahabala attavabata kitum hatini devamahi kogu naranarayana kitumha dogu* jaya hanumāna jñāna guna sāgara jaya kapīsha tihuloka ujāgara

Jai Hanuman Jai Hanuman

Jai Jai Hanuman Jai Jai Hanuman

Jai Jai Ram Siyaram

Jai Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

Jai Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

Here, Hanuman says, “You both look like Nara and Narayana.”

Hanuman grants intelligence

Who told him this? Hanuman is jnani. By seeing them, he knew that (they were) Nara and Narayana. He says,” naranarayana kituma dogu*.” That is why we praise him “jaya hanumāna jñāna guna sāgara….” He’s sāgara, he’s like ocean of jnana- knowledge. Guna is virtue. jñāna guna sāgara, he’s very intelligent.

Why should we pray to Hanuman? To become intelligent. If you are intelligent, you pray Hanuman. That is intelligence. By praying Hanuman, you get more intelligence. Right? So keep on praying Hanuman, take his name always.

Om Namo Hanumate Namah

Om Namo Hanumate Namah

Om Namo Hanumate Namah

Then Rama says, “Amma didn’t speak anything to Hanuman.” He asked Lakshmana to speak. Lakshmana introduced himself and he introduced Rama to Hanuman. He said, “We are from Ayodhya. Rama, (gestures towards Rama) his name is Rama. I am Lakshmana. We are the sons of Dasharatha. We are here searching for Sita Mata.” Then Hanuman realised, “Aare! I did a big mistake. I thought I am testing them. No, this is test to me, not for them. I have tested myself. I have troubled myself.” And Hanuman realised, “I was taking your name since so many years, I wanted to see you Rama. Now I am seeing you but I could not recognise. Why this happen? I don’t know. Please forgive me.” He did namaskara. When he did namaskara, unknowingly his vanararupa, his normal form appeared. Then Rama holds his hands, his shoulder and made him stand up. His truth, Rama sees him, Rama gives ālingana, (i.e. Rama hugged him.)

Jai bolo Rama Anjaneya Swami Ki Jai.

This is the first meeting of Rama and Hanuman. And Rama, as Tulsidas Gos Swami says, “Rama showers Hanuman with joyful tears. Rama was very happy.” It’s a wonderful description there in Tulsidas’ Rama Charita Manas. Hanuman was very happy. We should all sing Ramam Ramam because we are seeing Rama and Hanuman meeting each other for the first time.

Bhajan: Ramam Ramam 1:24

Jai Bolo Ramachandra Prabhu Ki Jai

Asakahi pare ucharana ākulāhi nijatama prakrti prīti urachāyi tabaragupati udhayi udhalava nija lochana jalasichi gudava sulukapiji jiya mānasi jeni una thai mama Priya lachimanite duna

Then Rama says, “Hanuman!” The latter was feeling little uncomfortable because he could not recognise Rama. As this doesn’t look good to Hanuman, he was crying. So to make him happy, Rama says, “oh Hanuman, don’t cry. You are more than Lakshmana to me.” He says, “You are more than Lakshmana.”

Thai mama Priya lachimanite duna

See, how he tests after all these years. Lakshmana did service to Rama, now he says, “I don’t like Lakshmana but I like you more than Lakshmana.” See, this is test. He tests you always, he may say like this. Sadguru sometimes may say, seeing new devotee he may say, “I like him very much, I don’t like senior devotees.” Don’t get afraid, don’t get angry with your sadguru. It is not good. Lakshmana, he was happy, yes. “That is his luck. Rama loves him more than me, that is his luck, okay. I’m okay with everything.” Lakshmana was happy. He says

Samadarasi mohi kahasabha ko

All the devotees called me samadarasi, he is samadarashi. Samadarshi means equal. He’s equal, he sees everyone equal. That is what they praise. Right? That is what we praise. He is samadarshi. He has no feelings, he’s samadarshi. He sees everyone equal. They say, yes I agree but, see, there is a secret here in Rama’s work.

Sevapriya anayagati sohu

Seva automatically earns you blessings

But I like those devotees who do seva. That is why Appaji regularly visits Trinidad I think, because he loves your seva. You do so much service, he likes service. Do service, don’t ask what should we do to get Swamiji’s blessings. No, Do not ask, you keep on doing service, you do seva you get Swamiji’s blessings. Service service service. Spiritual service, social service anything. Whatever Swamiji gives you as service, we have to do that because Rama says, “sevapriya anayagati sohu. I am samadarshi, I see everyone equal but I like sevakas. Sevakas means who does seva. I like them the most.” So keep on doing seva. That is why Hanuman always wished for seva/service. He always says, “I am dasa. I am always ready to do service.” Always be ready too, like good doctors you know. They are always ready whenever you call them, they are ready. It is two o clock in the night(2am) no they are not bothered, they come. They attend patients. Service, so do good service. By service you can win Sadguru’s heart. Oh, Hanuman won Rama’s heart by doing service.

Then Hanuman took Rama and Lakshmana, holding them on his shoulders, he took them to Sugriva and he asked Sugriva, “This is the time, you have to make friends with them.” Rama had his brother with him, but no friends. We should make good friendship. Some people say, “We don’t like friends, we don’t want to make any friendship.” No, don’t say like that. We need friends. We need good friends, good friends. Good friends we need. There in Aranya Kanda, when maharishi says, you know Sherabandava. Maharishi says, “You don’t have any friend in this jungle. In this forest, go and make good friends.” Then Rama asks, “Who is this good friend? How will I find him?” He says, “There is Sugriva, there is a monkey. Go and do friendship with him.” And Rama was searching for Sugriva. Now Hanuman came, he

Uvabhyam sahadharmatma Sugriva sakhya micchati. Hanuman says, without taking sugriva’s permission. He said, “Sugriva is waiting to make good friendship with you. Come, I will take you to Sugriva. You both become good friends. That is good for Sugriva as well as you. So, let us go to Sugriva.”

Sugriva and Rama meet

He took Rama and Lakshmana to Sugriva. They became good friends. Then Sugriva explained his story. He was also struggling, he was also suffering because of his brother. He was also separated from his wife. So, he was crying. Rama promised, “I will make you king and I will see that your wife returns with you. This is my promise.” Rama did promise, he gave gift to his friend and Sugriva said, “I will help you in searching for Sita.”

Keep your promise

After Vali died, Rama killed Vali and Sugriva became the king of Kishkindha. Over all the monkeys, he’s now the king. It’s fine, but he forgot to help Rama. We promise but we forget. This is karma. Never forget, think before you promise. Think before you promise. This is Ramayana. If you promised, you have to keep your words. Word is like, it is like diamond. Be careful. When you promise, you have to keep. Otherwise you should ask, “I cannot keep my promise, please forgive me.” Some people forget, asking forgiveness. Asking for forgiveness, this is karma. Sometimes, we may not keep our words because sometimes we are helpless. So then, we have to request, “I promised but it is not possible for me to keep my words.” Sugriva, he totally forgot to help Rama. Then Rama sends Lakshmana, Lakshmana goes there. Sugriva now realised, he says, “Yes, I realise my mistake, now I am ready to send my army to search for Sita. Sita Anveshana begins. This is Sundara Kanda.

Sita Anveshana

Sita anveshana, when they were searching for a good solider who can cross the ocean, go to Lanka and see Sita Mata. they were searching for a good solider, discussion was happening before this incident happened in Ramayana. Svayamprabha Devi helped all the army of Rama, all the army of Sugriva. She helped, she helped. She said, “I can see, I can see Lanka, you go there, you search there.” She made them to come to near ocean. She helped them, then Sampāthi, a bird, a brother of Jatayu came. Sampāthi is like Sadguru! Sampāthi means, he put something in your ear. Patha means, not like putting, besakodu, he throws, he throws some good word. We don’t know, we don’t realise, this world is for me, we don’t realise. While walking joyfully, Swamiji says something. We don’t catch, we don’t take these words but we have to. Whatever sadguru says, we have to take some. Sampāthi is like that, he throws some words. He said, “I am seeing, I can see Lanka and I can see Ravana there. You can go there, you have to search there. You can find Sita Mata in Lanka.” Sampāthi, he’s Sadguru. He helped them, then they were all ready.

Sācche pavanatanaya sudunana janikajaprabhu nikata kulana manasasisa saroruha pani karamudrika tilejalajayi pahutakarasita hisamajagu bhaybala berahabeli* tumamayi hanumata janma sukha lakarimana chalayaruhari ruparudara

Rama blesses Hanuman with His own ring

Before sending his army, Rama is very much sure that Hanuman is going to see Sita. He invites Hanuman. He says, “Oh Hanuma! I believe in you. You are the one who’s definitely going to see Sita, have her darshan. So you have Sita’s darshan. You’re going to have Sita’s darshan. So this is my ring, karamudrika. This is my ring that I’m giving to you, go and have Sita’s Darshan. You give this to her. She will feel as if she’s with me.” Rama believed in Hanuman and he praised Hanuman.

Atibala bala māsritastavāham hari hari vikrama vikrama idarellpi

This is like Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mantra, “Tvamasmin karya niryoge…”, we have that mantra that is sung by Sita Mata. This mantra is sung by Rama. Rama is praising Hanuman. I am very sure that you are going to succeed, you are going to have Sita’s Darshan, that is why I am giving this mudrika to you.

Prabhu mudrikā mēli mukha māhī, jaladhi lānghi gaye acāraja nāhī

This is prabhu mudrika, this ring is a very special ring. When Rama wears this ring, then it shows Sita, when Sita wears this ring, it shows Rama. What technology? We don’t know. That is the code you can say, otherwise no one can wear that ring. A very special ring. That mudrika, mudrika means?! Ring is which is with different stones is ring. Mudrika is, in which, on which the name is written. That is mudrika. That is called mudrika. Mudra means print, Rama’s name is printed on that. But no one can see. Sita can see and Rama can see. Others cannot see. This is the speciality of that ring. Otherwise Sita would not have recognised or believed Hanuman, right?! She was crying, she was in trouble. So, Rama gave this mudrika to him.

Origin of Rama Mudrika

There was a devotee by the name mudra. She asked Vishnu, Maha Vishnu to marry her. She asked Maha Vishnu, “Oh Hari, please marry me.” He said, “No, I cannot marry you because I have Lakshmi. How can I marry you! She may hit me. She may fight with me so I cannot marry you.” He said. Then Mudra, the devotee says, “after my death, when I leave this body, burn me then I will become ashes then you make ring out of that ash. You wear that ash. This is my request.” She left her body. When they burned her body, it became gold. I heard they make a diamond out of ash. Here, gold became from ash. With that gold, Sri Hari made a ring, and that ring, Rama got from his ancestors. That is the history, that is what is called Rama mudrika. It’s a very special ring, that ring Rama gave to Hanuman. Now Hanuman has that ring with him.

Prabhu mudrikā mēli mukha māhī

They say, he kept the ring in his mouth. When we do some great job, which is not very easily done we say *speaks in Kannada* ahhh, with full force. We press our teeth, clench our jaw, yea, that is a good word. Clench our jaw to do some great job right? This is like Hanuman clenching his jaw

Prabhu mudrikā mēli mukha māhī

Now, he has to cross the ocean. Crossing ocean is not a joke. He took Rama’s name. Prabhu mudrika means Rama’s name. always keep Rama’s name, Lord’s name in your mouth. That means keep on chanting Rama’s name

Rama, Rama, Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama, Rama, Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama Rama…

Crossing of the ocean

Now this discussion was going on, I’m little reminding, little forwarding hope you can understand, because we need to discuss Ramayana this way only. When this discussion was going on about who is going to cross the ocean? Everyone was ready, some soldiers say, “we can cross ten miles, 10 yojanas, 80 yojanas, 90 yojanas.” Some say, “we can cross hundred yojanas, and reach Lanka, but we cannot return.” Some say, “we can go there but we cannot return.” Arrreee, what is the purpose going? Why you have to go there and bring that message back right? You don’t have whatsapp, in those days, you don’t have mms, so you have to come back and give the message. And some just say, “we can go but we cannot come back because no fuel, that much fuel we have.” And anghara, “I can go but I don’t think that I can return.” Jāmbhavant said, “I can go and come back but now I am senior devotee, I don’t know. How can I fly? I’m retired now, I was born in Kreta Yuga.” He was born in Kreta Yuga, One Yuga old. “Now this is in Treta Yuga, so I’m very old now, I don’t think I can fly. I can but I don’t know that I can. I should not do anything in doubt right? So I don’t want to make any promise.” Then, the question arised, who is going to build the camp*? Everyone was saying something but one person was missing, one important person was missing. You know who is what? Who? Hanuman! Hanuman was missing. They were full of sorrow. “Arreee! No one is there to cross the ocean. What will we do now? We know where is Sita. We know we should go there but how we are going to cross this ocean? Then Jāmbavant said, “you should always be surrounded by experienced persons, don’t say they are old, they are experienced. They can give some knowledge to achieve.” So now Jāmbavant thought, “Hanuman is missing, I should ask him.” How can we forget Hanuman? Where was Hanuman at that time? He was simply sitting under a tree and he was playing with stones. Taking one stone saying Rama, Rama tup, Rama tup. Rama. He was playing. Why he’s doing this? When the necessity is there? You should come forward right? You should offer your service.

Hanuman is Beyond Complexity

Why Hanuman didn’t do this? You should ask me. Ok you have asked. Now I know. Hanuman was neutral. He has no complexity. Superior complex. Inferior complex. We struggle with superior complex, inferior complex. This complexity is not there in Hanuman. He was neutral. He never thought, “I am superior. He never thought I’m inferior. I am worthless, I can do anything.” He never thought. he was neutral. Whatever you say, whatever Rama says, he does that service, that’s it. He was Udasina, that is tithi* udasina. Now some children are learning Bhagavad Gita in Trinidad. I heard some shlokas from them yesterday while coming from airport. Some Prarthana shlokas I heard. Udasina Vadasinaha. This is Yogi Lakshana. Lakshana is a quality of a yogi. Udasina Vadasina. Be Udasina. Don’t go here and there, don’t look for this and that. Be Udasina, whatever comes to you, you do, that’s it. That is Yogi Lakshana. Nonchalant, that is Udasina. He was Udasina. He was not there, he was chanting Rama mantra. Udasina Vadasina.

Hanuman Realises His True Power

Then Jāmbavant came to him, “Oh Hanuman, this is not the time to sit quietly. Come. Now we require you. Come. You have to cross the ocean, no one is there.” Then, you know what Hanuman says, “how can I cross the ocean? I am little monkey see how small I am how can I?” then Jāmbavant says, “I know this drama, don’t play all this drama with me. Now, you have realised yourself.” Hanuman, you have to praise him that is his quality, he likes if you praise him because he has a curse, you know? He had a curse from saints, they say, “if devotees praise you, then you protect them. Then you realise your power. Then they get benefitted from you. You cannot say this is curse. This is a boon.” Maybe it looks like a curse to Hanuman, but it is a boon to all the devotees, right? Otherwise, we say, “ok, Hanuman will take care of us. We need to chant Hanuman Chalisa. We have to chant Hanuman Chalisa. We have to chant Tvamasmin karya niryoge. We have to chant Om Namo Hanumate Namah, that is his quality. If you chant Hanuman Chalisa, if you praise him then, he says, “yes, I am ready. I will protect you.” Otherwise, he’s small in temple. If you praise him, he’s big. 85 feet Hanuman, he becomes. 85 feet Trinidad Hanuman he becomes like. That is his quality. He cannot change it, you cannot ask him to change right? Then, Hanuman, he’s praising.

Kavanasākaja kathila jagamahi jonahi hoyi tāta tumha payi Rama kajalagi tava avatara sunatayi bhayahu parvatākāra

“Oh Hanuman, don’t you remember what the sages said many many years ago?” they said,

“devotees to praise you, then you will realise your power. And take parvatākār, you become like mountain.” Then he realised, “yes yes yes. I have that power! Now see my real form.” Hanuman became like parvatā, mountain.

Jai Bolo Pavana Suta Hanumana Ki Jai! Jai Bolo Veera Hanumana Ki Jai!

That is Hanuman’s power. Now he says, “yata raghava nirmuktah, if Rama leaves arrow, that arrow goes like wind. Sharp wind. I will cross the ocean like Rama’s bāna, Rama’s arrow. I will never stop until I see Sita Mata. No rest. Then Hanuman started crossing the ocean.” This is Sundara Kanda. now we have entered into Sundara Kanda. from here, Sundara Kanda starts.

Journey to Lanka Begins

Tato ravana nītājaha sitaya kṣhatru karshanaha yeshapadamam veshtu kṣhadana chaliye pati kshadana chaliye pati

He can swim right? He can swim or take a boat, take a ship and go. Or he can fly. He did sankalpa of flying. “I will fly. Let me not swim, let me not take a ship. I will fly because I am Vayu Putra. If I swim that is like ill-treating my father. I don’t want to do that. I have to take the Vayu Marga, Akasha Marga. I will go in Akasha Marga. I will go in the path of air.” So he became like a big flight Hanuman, without visa, without passport, he went to Lanka. He’s the first person to fly abroad. Hanuman. But never struggle for visa or passport, nothing. He’s everything right? Now Hanuman is ready to cross the ocean. He said, “I will never stop, I am building to go to Lanka and have Sita Darshan. I will return. I will return and give you good news. Till then, you have to hold your breath, don’t die.” They were ready to die because after so many months they could not find Sita. And they thought, “no this is not the correct thing, they were ready to die.” Hanuman said, “no, suicide is a bad thing, suicide is papam don’t commit suicide. That is wrong.” “Prayopavesha”,they said prayopavesha. Prayopavesha is also atma mahatya. Suicide, never think of suicide. It’s very a bad thing. we have to face, “I will come back. I will give you good news. Don’t worry.” Hanuman did promise and Hanuman started flying. This is Hanuman’s journey, Sundara Kanda this is Hanuman’s journey. Jai Bolo Hanumana Ki Jai.

Kavana sākaja kathina jagamāhi Ramakaju kari phirame avo sitakahi sudhi prabhuhi sunavo taba taba badhana paidi hau ayii satyakahahu mohi jānade mayi

While Hanuman flying over the ocean, the God of the Ocean he thought, “I should help him.” If anyone is doing some good job we should help them right? Some people they’re sitting. Some devotee is sweeping, they don’t move. They are like ok, you sweep. We should help them right? Ok, they are doing, we should also join. If someone is doing some service, we should help them. Many people forget, they don’t do that. It is not correct. Here, the God of Ocean he thought, “I should help him. I should help Hanuman.” Then he sent Mainakaparvata mountain. He asked, he requested Mainaka to come up. He was in the Ocean, to come up to come out and he requested Hanuman, “Hanuman come and rest for some time.” See, if you are a hurry or if you have any important job, you should finish it first, right? If you start taking rest, if you are going for some good reason, good job, your friends they invite. “come, we will have some pani puri please,” they call. We think, “ok, for five minutes I can join with them.” We go we eat one plate pani puri and we don’t stop there. We ask for a second plate, it goes so. Half an hour, one hour, two hours, we forget why we came, what is our duty, we forget. Pani puri, they don’t know pani puri here? Then doubles. Laughs* doubles. If your friend invites for doubles, you stop good, but when you’re in hurry, when you have some important job, tell them, “I have some important job to do. I have to go now, tomorrow we will have doubles. Not today.” Hanuman did the same. He said, “now I can’t take rest, I have to go. I can’t even reject you. You are requesting. You’re a good person so I touch you. I touch you, feel as if I’m resting. Okay, I must go now, I have to go now.” By these words, Hanuman started, Hanuman moved on. Hanuman is flying to Lanka.

Hanuman is tested

Then, devatas, deities they thought they should test Hanuman. How Hanuman is capable and they should teach all the devotees something from Hanuman. Something of Hanuman. They asked Surasānaga Mata, there is a deity in the ocean. They asked her, “oh Surasānaga Mata, you come up and you test Hanuman, we want to test Hanuman.” How he’s going to overcome. If you want to achieve something, you have so many parikshas, so many obstacles, you cannot demand, “I don’t want any parikshas.” Parikshas are always there. Parikshas are good for. Pariksha is good always. You have exams, exams to overcome right? Exam is good, I don’t know about Trinidad students, but exams are good. If there are exams we know how much we learnt right? If there are no exams, how will we know? So they wanted to exam Hanuman. They said, “you go and test Hanuman, we want to see Hanuman’s sharpness. How he thinks when he’s in trouble, how he thinks we want to see. Surasānaga Mata came out. Hanuman said, “oh Naga Mata, I know you, you are asking me as if I am your food. Ok I can become your food but I have some service to do to Rama. So I’m going to Lanka, when I return, I will definitely become your food. I promise” ,Hanuman said, “I promise I will definitely come”

taba taba badhana paidi hau ayī satyakahahu mohi jānade mayi

Mayi, means Mata. “Oh mother, let me go please, permit to go, I want to fly. I want to go and finish Rama karya. So please permit me.” Hanuman asked, Hanuman big* question. Then she said, “no, nothing doing you have become my food.” Then she opened her mouth, Hanuman took his big form and when she opened her mouth a hundred yojanas, a hundred yojanas is very big, eight hundred miles they say. Eight hundred miles, that big. Maybe some exaggeration, don’t think exaggeration. Hanuman also became, Hanuman also took big form. Within a second, he took a small form like masaka

Rama kaju sabha kariha tuma balabuddhi nidhana asishadhai gai soharashi chalaiho Hanumana

he took sookshmaroopa and he entered through her mouth, in a subtle form he entered into her mouth. And he came out. And now he doing namaskara. He says, that is Hanuman’s buddhi. That’s why in the Valmiki Ramayana they say,

smritihi dhrthihi mathihi dākshyam sakarmasunasidati

Oh Hanuman, these four things please do remember these four things. Very important to achieve something in life. Smrtihi samayas *** means timely, timely sensed, time sense or timely sense. You have to think timely. “Ok, I have some problem, how to come out of it”, you have to think very fast. Otherwise if you don’t think, that looks very big. That problem looks very big. So smrtihi, you know smrti. Mathihi means intelligence, dākshyam, dakshata viveka intelligence, dākshyam, smritihi dhrthihi mathihi dākshyam. Drtihi means dhairya. dhairya is courage, be courageous, you will win. Whoever having these four qualities, he will definitely win. That is what *** says at this point in Sundara Kanda.

yasya vetani chatvari, vanarasya

whoever having these four qualities will definitely win. At this time, Hanuman had shown his intelligence. His sookshma buddhi.

Buddhirbalam yasodhairyam nirbhayat tvamarogatam ajadhyam vaakpatutvam cha hanumat smaranat bhavet

Eight qualities, by praying Hanuman, you will get these eight qualities. That means you are understanding his life. You are understanding his history. By understanding him, you will get these qualities. You’ll be benefitted. So, that is why we are talking on, discussing on Sundara Kanda. now,

Now comes Simhika, Simhika gata. Simhika is ***(like control of a shadow) it pulls water, flies,… they say, this is a special quality. There was a demon called Simhika, she was pulling Hanuman she saw her and Hanuman took a big form and at the same time he took a small form. Sookshmaroopa. He entered into her mouth and he hit her heart. He killed that demon and came outside.

Jai Bolo Pavanasuta Hanumana Ki Jai.

This is Simhika Vadha. Many deities at this time praise Hanuman. But we think Brahma created Hanuman to kill Simhika. Simha means Himsa. They say Himsa, Himsa is cruelty. Himsa is violence. Hanuman removes violence, wherever Hanuman’s bhajan is, there is Shanti, Peace.

Bhajan: Jai Kapisha

Upon reaching Lanka

Then, slowly Hanuman reached Lanka. Before reaching Lanka, he went to Paralanka* they say in ascharya Ramayana. It is not in Valmiki Ramayana or in Rama Carita Manasa. He went there and destroyed Kraunchi. She was a sister of Ravana’s Sura. A very dangerous demon, he destroyed her. He killed her you can say and then he reached Lanka Parvata. This Lanka Parvata, then he sees Lankini there. Lankinisamhara Hanumanta. What Swamiji meant, Lankinisamhara is, he did not kill Lankini but he killed Lankini’s bad thinking, that is Lankinisamhara. He saw Lankini, Lankini appeared there.

She asked, “who are you? Where are you coming from? You’re not supposed to enter without passport, without visa, where is your visa?”

“No, I don’t have any visa.”

“Then why are you here?”

“I want to see Lanka, I will see Lanka, I heard so much about Lanka. So, I want to see Lanka then I will go away. Permit me.”

She said “no, I am not going to permit you. Without my permission you do not enter.”

Then she hit Hanuman.

Then Hanuman, “areee!! She hit me? Now I have to hit her.” See, shastra say, you are not supposed to hit woman.

That’s what Valmiki Ramayana says. Hanuman had shown some compassion. “Ok. She’s a demon, but she’s woman. I’m not supposed to hit her very hard.” So keeping this in mind, Hanuman punched her. With this punch, now she has realised, “ahhh!!! I remember Brahma’s words.” Brahma said, “whenever you see Vanara, whenever you see monkey entering into Lanka, an whenever you are honoured with a punch, then you will realise that is the end of Lanka, end of Ravana.”

Importance of Satsanga

“I have remembered brahma’s word, now I have Satsanga, Satsanga Mahima.” She says, “Satsanga Mahima, I remember everything.” Now I have you, I am seeing you. This is Satsanga, we need to do Satsanga. We are doing Satsanga, this is Satsanga. Satsanga is sharing, Satsanga is thinking good, Satsanga is talking good. Satsanga is being in good companion. That is Satsanga, be always in Satsanga. Ask for Satsanga. There Lankini says, see Tulsidas Gos Swami Maharaj through Lankini, he’s saying wonderful words about Satsanga. Wonderful doha.

We need to know about Satsanga. This is Satsanga. This is why we always request Appaji to come to Trinidad. Or always, we want to go to mysore to do satsanga. To be with him wherever he is.

If you are weighing mission, skill. If you keep svargasuka, the pleasure of heaven and apauvarga, apauvarga is moksha, liberation. If you keep one side, and if you keep Satsanga phala the fruit of Satsanga one side. Then, which will go up? Which is down? Tell me. Satsanga! Satsanga means that is what she says.

There is no comparison. Satsanga is that powerful Lavasatasanga. Lava means if you do one minute of Satsanga, the fruit of Satsanga you cannot explain. That fruitful, that much fruit you get from Satsanga. So, keep praying for Satsanga, we need Satsanga. We want to go to Satsanga. That is also Satsanga. You may not, sometimes you may not visit Satsanga, sometimes you may not go to temple, you may not visit Sadguru, but keep on thinking. You want Satsanga. That is also Satsanga. asking for Satsanga is also Satsanga. You may say, okay, you will keep on asking, but we won’t go. Don’t do that. If you have time, you have to go. If you don’t have, then you can keep on praying, you can keep on asking. The she says, how can I explain the fruit of Satsanga?

At this time, Lankini permits Hanuman to enter into Lanka. “Ok, you can go. You have permission. You can stay and you can go see Sita there.”


Then, Kakabushundi, you know Kakabushundi? Me and Vishnu Deonarine, we always discuss on Kakabushundi. We have discussed for one week when he was in Haridwar. He was in Mysore, he was discussing on Kakabushundi. The story started from Kakabushundi. Ego is not good, remove ego from your heart. Never feel ego. Kakabushundi’s story removes ego from our heart. Kakabushundi says to garuda:

If you do Satsanga, garalasuda, means poison. Poison becomes suda, nectar.

Your enemies become your friends when you do satsanga because you smile. They cheat on you, you smile, they scold, you smile, they hate, you smile. One day they will become friends right?

I don’t know about in Trinidad, but in Mysore it happens. Try this. don’t happen? it will, try it. Garalasuda, this is the power of satsanga. So, Garuda he says, “oh Garuda that is why we all pray for satsanga.” I am very happy, this is our first satsanga in Sundara Kanda today. And it is already 9:15pm hope I don’t really take you much time. Am I boring? Laughs*

Ok, cause satsanga, you should never feel bored. That means It is my responsibility to not make you bored. You should enjoy. Satsanga is like that. Kakabushundi says, “oh Garuda, it is the power of satsanga.” So Lankini realised so she permitted Hanuman and he entered into Lanka. And he was searching, he was searching. This searching is very prolonged in Valmiki Ramayana, but in Rama Carita Manasa it is just in four or five dohas only. He skipped this.

Visiting Vibeeshana

He directly goes to Vibeeshana. That is also satsanga. He does some satsanga, Rama Nama Kirtana with Vibeeshana and Vibeeshana is the one who unveiled the secret about Sita Mata. He said, “Sita Mata is there in Ashoka Vana, you can go and search in Ashoka Vana. I don’t know where in Ashoka Vana. Ashoka Vana is very big and they don’t permit me to enter into Ashoka Vana. Only Rama Nama can enter. No one can enter there so, I don’t have any idea of where Sita is in Ashoka Vana. But I’m very sure she is in Ashoka Vana. You can go and search there.”

Sita Mata's Darshan

Then Hanuman got to Ashoka Vana. Then he keeps on searching, he’s searching, he’s searching. he found a river there, now he thinks there is a river. Sita Mata may come to this river to do Sandhyanana. “I will, I shall wait here.” Then he waits there. See, Hanuman is very patient. Very patiently he waits for Sita Mata. When Sita comes there, Hanuman now seeing Sita Mata, he had Sita’s darshan.

Jai bolo Sita Mata Ki Jai!

Jai bolo Pavanasuta Hanumana Ki Jai!

Anjaneya had Sita darshan by listening to Vibeeshana’s words. Tomorrow we shall discuss on this subject, how Hanuman had the darshan of Sita Mata. It’s a wonderful subject. It’s a wonderful chapter in Sundara Kanda. we shall discuss this tomorrow. Tomorrow we have Sri Chakra puja, and in the evening, we have Sundara Kanda. I never thought I’d be discussing on Sundara Kanda in English with the grace of Appaji. That is Sadguru Kripa. You have heard Sita darshana in Sundara Kanda. so whatever good you get from Sundara Kanda, try to keep it in your heart, in your mind and I’m very happy. So see you tomorrow. Jai Guru Datta.

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