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Tattwa of Lord Dattatreya 1

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Datta Stava Pravachana Dec. 2nd—8th 2021

Gems of HH SGS speeches on the essence and nature of Sri Datta Prabhu taught at Ganagapur ,Vishwarupa Datta Kshetram.

Day 1

“There is special significance in Datta’s Incarnation. The energy of other incarnations merges back into the Unmanifest, but Datta’s incarnation always stays as is! …He is Adi Guru, Para Brahma. He is the deity that ALL prayers reach….To bestow knowledge is Lord Datta’s primary goal. To this end, he takes many strange forms. He may be in the form of a pig or a dog or other beings. We see them as animals, but not as Datta….This is hard to understand….it is only when you serve the Guru steadfastly that you will understand. This is not mad talk.

The Lord gives us knowledge about who we really are. Therefore before we start any task in the morning, we should chant Datta Stava. It is with the illumination of Sri Datta Deva that everything is illuminated. He is jeeva that shines as Ishwara, He is the light that shines as Hari, Hara and Brahma. He is light, He is darkness. He created this world and entered it. Yet he is not tainted by it. He is in it. This removes poverty at the home. It ensures food supply for 7 births. So it is our duty to chant Datta Stava….

He removes the suffering of those who surrender to Him. He is pleased when we merely remember him—

Datta Smarana . Verse 1 seems to pray for the protection of one’s own self. ‘Smartrgami sanovatu.’ We should pray that the Lord protect others too-- your town, country, this planet, all should be well…. This great soul showers boons and has immense love for devotees who surrender to him. Obeisance to that Lord Datta.

He is Jagadguru in this world. His main goal, His Tattva is to remove ignorance and bestow knowledge.

Day 2

Visit by HH to Nirguna Padas of Narasimha Saraswati

Today we learn of the form of Datta that is no form at all. We cannot define Nirguna—attributeless. Yet we call him omnipresent—sarva antarayami. Since he is in all forms and we cannot define each and every form, we say he is Nirguna….Things get their name and form only when the Lord enters them….The beings’ form change, but His form does not….We should drink the nectar of his ocean of compassion. He is the dearest friend we have.

Lord Dattatreya Incarnates

Datta Parabrahma was born as son to the pious, incomparably great Atri and Anasuya. Atri’s feats are beyond description…. When demons overthrew gods, the worlds underwent much suffering. At that time, Atri turned into sun and moon and filled the world with light and removed darkness…. Datta’s mother Anasuya was as great as her husband….When Ganga river turned black due to sins of people, she suffered. Mother Anasuya removed that suffering, as with a mere touch, she purified Ganga. When the three forms, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva appeared before Atri, they explained to the puzzled Atri who felt he was praying to that One God, One Form. “ We are presiding deities of the three attributes/gunas. We are pleased with your devotion , so we give ourselves to you.” Right there, the name Datta was fulfilled.

We too should surrender our souls to Him. The Trinity blessed that they would be born to the sage soon. One day, their words came true. A radiance appeared from Atri’s eyes and it fell on Anasuya Mata and Moon/Chandra with Brahma’s aspect was born. Datta, as the aspect of Vishnu who became yogi, appeared next, roaming while protecting the pious and punishing the wicked. He ended up living in Sahyadri mountains. Durvasa was the younger brother, born with Rudra’s aspect. He would tame the ego of the arrogant. The two brothers saw the handsomely built Datta and showered him with love…. The Lord has no name, no christening ceremony since he was Paramatman. The name Datta (Gift Given) became His name. He sees Himself in everything, He sees everything as Him. Such a person is Mahatma. He believes this, but will not keep announcing it. If he does, he is not Mahatma….

Lord Datta showers only good to devotees

He always gives only what does good to the devotees. Slowly He teaches and convinces like a mother does. He has immense fatherly love for his devotees. Therefore, He is Bhaktavatsala….When you offer the flower of your mind to Him, He will remove your sufferings. Cry and share your feelings with God. Humans will not listen to you. Pour your heart out like this to God in our heart, in front of a photo, in solitude, and you will find great relief…. If you keep doing that you will slowly lose attachment to that sorrow. You will instead enjoy your time with Swamiji in your heart, enjoy His bhajans etc.

The Lord says, “When you surrender wholeheartedly, I will take care of you, not if you show me the fake love that you have for family.” That is why the Lord is praised as ‘Prapannarti Haram Devam’.

So even if we have no devotion, we should still practise sadhana. Then devotion develops automatically….God will shower all blessings on you at one time as our merit will be in the bank. The yogis who waited for the Lord by the lake knew that Datta, with Anagha by His side, is untouched by all actions.…He was pleased with their steadfast devotion and blessed them…. Therefore, you must strive to know Atma Tattva and not fall for the actions displayed with the body….

Special Audumbara in Ganagapura Nirguna Matha where lord Datta appears in giant form to cure bhaktas of evil spirits.

Datta’s compassion is massive like the ocean…. He protects all. May the Lord who comes to us when we merely think of Him, protect us. This place is also called Gaandarva Puram. Gaandharvas used to come here often, that is why Narasimha Saraswati was here.

Day 3 “Chant Datta…”

Upadesha from a Guru is not a movie. Every Upadesha comes because of great fortune over births. What you have is plenty…yet you ask for more…. A true disciple will say, “ I am happy. Please bless that I put into action whatever I have learned, and find accomplishment in it.” No one asks me that. ….Do not desire for more births and for birth in the same household….You can listen to this Datta Tattva over and over.

Merely chanting ‘Datta’ drives away sins. Remembering him removes difficulties….Even before Rama’s incarnation, Datta mantra, Datta’s form was there. Whenever you are in sorrow, chant Datta’s name a few times and your sorrows will be gone. Your mind will find happiness.

Meditation in Ganagapura Nirguna Matha on Shri .Datta Prabhu

Therefore, meditating on Him will penetrate all chakras, from Mooladhara to Sahasrara. The entire yoga journey takes place. He is the relative and refuge of the suffering….We offer our obeisance to Him. He approaches us as soon as we think of Him. “ May the Lord protect us all, not just me,” said Vasudeva Saraswati, who was an incarnation of Lord Datta….Even demons, like human and gods, are His devotees. He is Guru to Gurus. He has neither friends nor foes—no partiality. He is like an infant….We should have the heart of a mother. Datta acts like a Mother to us….

Childhood details of our Sadguru Datta

Lord Datta has 24 Gurus…He helps the worthy as well as unworthy. You may wonder why I help the unworthy. HE is worthy in my eyes. The King of Mysuru whom I saw when I was a child in the Chamundeshwari Temple would ask me alone to give him Teertha. My uncle was a priest in the Temple. From his house, I would walk 15 miles to school in Kesare. I would then go back home, supply milk to every household around and then take the money back home to feed the elders. The King Jayacha Maharaja Vadayar would come every Friday. My Uncle would give him teertha, but the king would say, “That boy is like little Krishna. I want him to give me teertha." One day, I refused to give him teertha. I said I would if I got a coconut. I wanted it for the two monkeys who lived there….then, the king would again beg me for teertha and I would pour again. He would do penance….he held Swamiji’s hand and lovingly said, “Datta”.

Datta Sadguru protects invisibly

“….Lamp, incense etc are liked by Datta. No devotee comes with empty hands to Swamiji. They bring scents of various kinds for Swamiji. I smear that all over the body. That’s Datta’s act. He likes that. …. There is one in Mysuru who makes very pure scent for me. That aroma removes all diseases. Some devotees beg for the raksha I discard. Placing that raksha under the pillow removes bad dreams and problems at home…. Swamiji is really there just that you don’t know. He protects you.

Owing to sins of prior births, those who do not open their eyes also still need to be uplifted. The Lord puts them in good company. He removes their sins and uplifts them. That is why He is ‘kripa Sindhum.’

Datta is Paramatma He knows everything—how a person should be protected and when….That is why, the Lord uplifted Kaartaveerya and Parshurama, sworn enemies. But the Lord was Guru to both, protected them in different ways. Kaartaveerya was given Vaikuntha and Parashurama became a Brahmarishi.

Uplifting Anasuya Datta opened the eyes of his mother who had fallen into delusion. She was really devoid of delusion. But she played this drama to teach us. He came home after years of being in the lake, and Anasuya was overjoyed. Datta told her, “ …Mother, I need to roam this creation and uplift devotees and receive the alms called their sins…. Japa, charity etc. are given to you for that reason…Now Swamiji is asking you to do ‘Om Aim Hreem Shreem Shiva Rama Anagha Dattaya Namaha.’ As you keep chanting, the mind becomes immersed in it and that removes sins…. Because Mother too had a trace of sin, he asked her for alms….Mother cried, not realising that he was the Lord…. She said angrily, ‘I gave you birth, and this body. Give me your skin before you leave.”

The lord tests the tests themselves. He created tests, He created maya. So without even reacting, he peeled off his skin as if peeling an orange and handed it to her…. As He peeled his skin, the mother’s ignorance also peeled off like layers of onion, and the Inner Light was revealed to her. She blessed him to go to Sahyadri and uplift his devotees.

Praise Lord Datta We should sing praises of the Lord thus: “O Lord, you are like Mother to all beings. You are the treasure of all intelligence. You are thus Father of all beings. From You comes justice. Therefore, you teach all the noble paths. O Guru Datta Deva, You are the Path and the Destination . There is no one else. Obeisance to You.”

Day 4 –

The magnificence of the Vishwarupa Datta Kshetram with umbrella signifying protection for His bhaktas.

Verse 3--Sharanaagatha… ‘Om Draam Dattaya Namaha’ we chant everyday. Draam is Datta’s seed letter….In that seed letter resides the Lord smiling tenderly. We should always see the Lord with a tender smile. He will then give us that smile….we should establish that tender smile in our hearts….Datta is praised as ‘Unmatta’/crazy-deeper meaning is beyond understanding like Avadhoota,-- and ‘pisaacha.’ The latter means he is indifferent to everything, detached, above all kinds of rules. It also means he holds us with his hand and protects us, wishing to give us Jnana. You have seen all those forms in Swamiji already. Seeing Krishna in the cradle…seeing him eat, when we see him eat, it is said that these give emancipation. These are hard to see… You may even have seen Him when He’s eating , but you’ll not see him fast asleep….

‘Dattaatreya Hare Krishna, Unmattananda Dayaka, Digambara Mune Bala, Pisaacha Jnana Sagara’. “jnana sagara” can be chanted together or separately…This is a Maha Mantra….Pisaacha with an ‘s’ sound. The Lord is eager to bestow knowledge. Jnana Sagara is an ocean of knowledge. It also means the One who helps us cross the ocean of samsara/bondage. Chant this mantra whenever your mind is troubled. It gives a lot of peace…. Only invest in ‘Datta coin’.( instead of Bitcoin)The Lord shines in the heart of those who remember Him and he protects them. The Lord is dear to our heart….

Verse 4 —‘Sarvaanartha Haram devam, sarva mangala mangalam….He belongs to everyone. All names and forms are His and He is them. All devotees of all gods are His devotees. So, he is the form of all gods. One day He imparted wisdom to Prahlada… Prahlada was son of Hiranyakshipu. His name comes first in this list, ( of Lord Vishnu’s devotees) even before Narada’s….Even after thousands of years as a prosperous king there was some discontentment lurking in some corner of Prahlad’s heart. People may make a lot of money and have a great family, but still have some discontentment….They feel this way because they died with some discontentment in a prior life. … Always be content. Keep chanting the name of Hari….

Lord Datta took the form of a saint rolling in mud. Prahlad realised the saint was not ordinary…and he prayed to him. The saint took pity on him and said, “…I left all karma and have come here. Many strive to get rid of sorrow and gain happiness. But in reality, true bliss is within you. Forgetting this, everyone looks outside for bliss. This is delusion. Give up desire for money. Money will come and go as destined….I don’t let sorrow or joy enter me. I have equanimity.…Thus I revel in bliss.” Understand this clearly, this is Paramahamsa Yoga.” Prahlad’s inner light illumined. Immediately, Lord Datta appeared in his real form.

He removes all dangers and disasters…from birth until death….The Lord is luminous. He is the goodness of all goodness. He is auspiciousness in all auspiciousness…. Shiva removes evil and bestows goodness.….Since Datta has Shiva’s aspect, he boosted auspiciousness, he removes impurities…removes pain and gives comfort as Vishnu does. Salutations to the Lord who comes to us as soon as we think of Him….

Verse 5-- -After Liberation, what class do we get? Nothing….Do not keep asking for new things. We cannot study ‘Datta Darshanam’ enough. Brahma jnana cannot be attained easily. ‘Brahmagnam Dharma Tattvagnam…..All principles---Dvaita, Advaita and Vishishtha Advaita—all lead to knowledge of the Self—Brahma Jnana. Datta knows the principle of Dharma –Dharma Tattva. He enhances our meditation, penance…. So keep chanting ‘Datta Datta Datta Datta’, to improve your concentration. We keep crying over insults from 20 years ago… but we cannot concentrate on Swamiji’s words….s Once you get angry, your energy depletes as does your life span….Why get married if you cannot live together happily? You think you cannot get liberation if you are not married. Tell me if you are not married and

Photo Credit: Shravan Kumar Bairy. Shows marks of the Trinity

are over 35, I’ll give you in writing that you will get liberation. You can show that to Yama and he will accept it. I will be there when you are there….Stay together…stay happy…always think positive and speak positive.

Datta strengthens our japa. He makes us adhere to puja, meditation etc., all Vedic dharmas…. We need Jnana. We can earn everything else, but not Jnana…. ‘Brahmajnam…’ the Lord is praised. Guru Brahma- the Guru strengthens our jnana. He observes Dharma and leads by example….Not only does he strengthen devotees’ fame, but also fulfils all their wishes….If the person is worthy, the Lord goes to him Himself, and uplifts him, because He is Parabrahman….” ( to be continued....)

Photo Credits ; Avadootha Datta Peetham.

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