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Tattwa of Lord Dattatreya 2

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Datta Stava Pravachana Dec. 2nd—8th 2021

Gems of HH SGS speeches on the essence and nature of Sri Datta Prabhu taught at Ganagapur ,Vishwarupa Datta Kshetram.

Om Aim Hreem Shreem Shiva Rama Anagha Dattaya Namaha

Excerpt from Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji’s introductory discourse:

Did you notice the four Vedas in the picture of Datta behind Appaji? The four dogs represent the Vedas. That is why, it is said that food should first be served to dogs, cows and to mendicants before consuming it. One Veda seems to be relaxed after eating, one seems ready to relax, one is ready to leave, while one seems to place its entire focus on Datta. If we see and understand what Swamiji is saying, like that dog is, we can easily grasp what Appaji is teaching.

Excerpt from Datta Stava Pravachana by Datta Avadhoota Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji:

Day 5--Verse 6: The Lord dries up the mire of sins….We have committed all kinds of sins like the mixture of mud and soil in the mire….such sins, we continue to commit, and we will do so in the future. The Lord dries up and burns our sins entirely. When the mire is dried up, it doesn’t stick. It mixes back with the mud. He lights the lamp of knowledge. When you show light to darkness, all objects in the dark get illuminated. We are not lit, though our eyes see that light.

Three wicks are used in lighting a lamp. They represent the gross, subtle and causal bodies.

Those three bodies burn in the light of knowledge. Oil helps it. Oil is the penance and the concentration that make sure the knowledge lights up the three wicks. Knowledge burns away the three bodies. Like the wicks, oil disappear, burnt; jeevis too come and go in a flash. We are all like that. We came with these bodies as per our karma. With the light of knowledge, only the ash will be left. From the ash sprouts life again.

Listening to Sadguru Datta is a sadhana

We need the knowledge from Guru. Fire burns. Wicks burn only when soaked in oil. Oil is the karma that resulted in this birth and family….This worldly life is the cause for destruction as well as upliftment. We are using three bodies in two ways with the oil called karma. We are either spiralling downwards or going higher….We should dissolve in the jnana that the Guru gives us. That is liberation. Listening is a lesson. It is a sadhana. Therefore, obeisances to the one who lights up the light of knowledge. He cools off the passions. We have three kinds of afflictions—from diseases, from the karmas and births and from our deeds. To the Lord who cools off these afflictions, our obeisances. May the Lord who approaches us as soon as we think of Him, protect us!

Divine Grace is a must

…Happiness found in India from spirituality is found nowhere else….We observe festivals and have Darshan of Guru despite all kinds of difficulties….Some sin in a previous life is causing poverty in this birth. To overcome this, we commit more sins. Human nature is to lie to cover up another lie. Therefore, do not even start lying. You must sever the chain of lies at the earliest.….So that vicious cycle of sins has no end. …To get out divine grace is a must. Lord Datta helps you to not get into that quagmire; He dries it up before you fall into it. He removes our sins with the light of knowledge…. Swamiji has already given us everything in bhajans. …There are many practices, traditions many Scriptures in this world. But it is Datta who is creating and making them function. Yet He transcends them and is not tainted by them….

Follow truth always

Many wonder what practice they should follow, or what Scripture they should use to uplift themselves….some wonder why another has so much money….this thinking torments us although the thinking itself is wrong. This thinking also tormented Kaartaveerya. He gained so much power that he could make creations and could become sun and moon himself….but such a great person could not understand his Guru and that is why doubts took root in his heart. (Sri Appaji gives the full stories given in ‘Sri Datta Darshanam’.) Lord Datta told Kaartaveerya:

“ The gods’ Guru Brhaspati, taught knowledge focused on compassion, non-violence, truth etc. The demons’ Guru Shukracharya, taught knowledge giving importance to comforts, lies, deception, violence etc. In the beginning , the demons were winning and the gods began to doubt their Guru’s teachings. This is also a kind of karma. Fighting the demons constantly, the demons’ influence rubbed off on the gods. So he then taught sciences and Indra did not understand why. Through Brhaspati, Indra learnt stories that taught "Dharma must always be followed. Purity, compassion, truth etc. …if each person works in his occupation with truth as the foundation, he will certainly be uplifted.”

We are envious of those who have a lot of wealth…but that is because of the merit of a prior life, even if they are committing sins in this life. We may not have charitable nature, but practise bit by bit, then money will automatically flow to you…. The story of the sculptor Vidhijna who followed honesty always, and became a king, is an example of this. Then this king was born as a brahmin and attained Brahma Loka….

Be content whether you earn 10k Rs, or Rs 10 lacs. What should be noted is that Vidhijna never abandoned truth and Dharma.

Day 6—Verse 7

Sri Datta cures the disease of Samsara

Today is already Day 6. Number 6 is special. Each day’s number has its significance. Emperor Alarka placed his glance on his third eye and was meditating on Sri Guru Datta. The Lord removes all diseases….We can cure the diseases of body, or somehow live a 100years, but the disease of samsara lasts through lifetimes. …So the Lord cures this disease of samsara, Lord Dhanvantari gave medicines through Ayurveda. The moon also gave us medicines….Eye, heart, kidney transplants…were there at the beginning of creation itself. The entire head was transplanted….Only the Sadguru Dattatreya can cure the disease of samsara, the disease of the mind. Mental torment is the feeling of discontentment or the feelings of lacking something. Dwelling on this poses many hindrances to sadhana.

Everyone has to experience the fruit of his Karma. The story of the man who would sell coconuts that he cultivated and was happy but would never touch one particular tree, illustrates this. No one knew why he would not touch that tree though the fruits were biggest and had the sweetest taste. (The gist is given)….a new thief stole all his coconuts, even from that tree, one Friday and sold them on the next day Saturday. The man set out to find out the thief at the local market.… On learning from the man that there was a black cobra on the tree, the thief was shocked and said, “Oh, that was what bit me.” He fell down and died…. It’s the taking on of burdens that don’t belong to you that causes fears, for no good reason.

Verse 8

Datta bestows inner bliss

The Lord removes the samsaric bondage that causes births. Despite all the Yajnas we are taking birth over and over. You can only tell yourself that you are going to Liberation. But your mind is here, dwelling on kids, pets, possessions….One who gives inner bliss and is the dwelling place of liberation is Datta. Obeisance to the Lord who appears as soon as we think of Him. May the Lord protect us always. Diseases are of three kinds—physical, mental and sadhana related. We know of the first kind. The second, mental, is about fickleness. It won’t let us do anything and will never give us result despite much exertion. We should get rid of it and surrender wholeheartedly. Third is ego and other related things. If these diseases are surrendered to Datta, they will be gone. The Lord removes all 8 kinds of afflictions. This is Truth! This is Truth! This is Truth! This is the command of Shiva.

Datta is equanimity of mind—just surrender

Whatever deity you see, see Him as Datta. Lord in Tirupati—see Him as Datta….Even the greats have reconciled all deities back to Datta. He removes all difficulties if you have devotion like the flow of oil, not the flow of water. Oil flows smoothly. We blame God when we have troubles. When we are happy, we praise Him to the skies. One must have equanimity of mind…. Just surrender. …If you are angry and you leave, so be it. You are the loser. He will welcome you to join the demons. You must have no iota of doubt. Kaartaveerya got his crooked hands fixed. He became a great warrior….

We keep listening to, touching things that we should not…. The company you keep will influence your habits….What use is our education? ….You need association with the pious to get rid of your karma. We begin looking and acting like the characters we watch on screen…and while away precious time….You must be happy in front of God at all times….Vishnu Datta and Susheela prayed to Lord Datta to remove all their desires….

We fail to see Paramatman, His light, His taste. …Remember Datta and He will remove all your problems…. Therefore, He is praised as ‘Sarvapeeda nivaranam.’…Taking birth on earth is samsara….The only thing to stop it is Guru’s teachings….keep listening, sins will slowly decline and gradually you will get out….

…you turned 33 years old. You just wasted 33 years of your birth. You must ask yourself how many chants you did, how much charity, how much goodness etc. .… Datta gives you everything….it is not enough to pay lip service saying, ‘I am Datta, you are Datta’. You must experience this. To attain Paramatman this state is “nisshreyasam.” Looking inward steadfastly is this state….

Lord Datta’s teaching to Alarka: Look within!

Feminist, musicality, kingship, servitude etc. when all these are gone, Datta alone is left. This is Moksha. This is the great profit one gets when one surrenders to Datta. This is also called ‘Ahamgrahopasana.’ This happens only when we experience that we are Datta, removing the bondage of Samsara. The story of Kuvalaya and Madalasa who had four sons. ( For full details of all stories see Videos and read Datta Darshanam The gist of this story is given here): The first three became yogis and revelled in inner bliss….The fourth son, Alarka at the time of great suffering, including losing his kingdom, eventually remembered Lord Dattatreya with the help of the ring given by his mother and the actions of his brother Subahu and the king of Kasi. Alarka wept holding the Lord’s feet. The Lord said, “Why do you grieve? Who is grieving? Look within.” That worked like mantra for Alarka. He did a lot of self- inquiry and realized that attachment caused that grief…. He told the Lord: “….I lived like a fool all these days. In reality, there is no joy and sorrow, I understand this now due to Your Grace.”…He asked, What should I do to get rid of samsaric bondage?”

Lord Datta, “ First give up association. That will remove attachment….be detached within. Then dispassion sprouts. ….That jnani will have no desire at all. He will have no more births….”

The Lord thus trains, purifies and uplifts His devotees from samsara. Datta Upanishad: Those who lovingly and constantly experience and state “ I am Datta, will never fall into samsara.”

Day 7

Pujya Sri Bala Swamiji: …

"We should associate with noble souls and with Guru as much as possible. Satsangh will take us higher….Swamiji asked us to put a mark on our forehead to cool off our passions. Cooler than the sandal paste is the moon, cooler than moon is the Guru."

Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji:

Datta Nama is the protective charm

“Lovingly and with great reverence, bearing His name in our voice is enough. Dancing to His Nama Sankeertana or always remembering His form in the mind at all times is enough. That becomes a protective armour for us at all times. We need no other ornament or charm for protection. His name is the charm. We are praising that Sri Guru Datta Deva! ‘Jaya Laabha Yashaha kaama….’

Vistory, profit, fame, liberation and desires are all bestowed by Him. Those who chant the Datta Stava wholeheartedly are blessed. Lord Datta fulfils all his desires and bestows victory. But this must be chanted with deep love, regardless of whether our tasks are accomplished or not. With faith, devotion, love and strong determination, one must chant , and not for fulfilment of desires. The Lord fulfils the desires of such a person. He bestows profits in all tasks, not just in matters of wealth. He enhances our fame and gives us association with pious souls. King Dharmakirti who was about to die had observed Ekadasi fasting, and was uplifted by Lord Datta.

Our duty is only to approach Him and seek refuge. He will take care of the rest. We think the Lord forgets us when we do not find success. But…the Lord never forgets us for a second. He is doing what is good for us….And we leave Him thinking he is not taking care of us…and come back as per our mind. You are wasting that time. The Lord never leaves us, even if we leave Him….Our duty is only to worship Him and offer prostrations repeatedly.

Galava’s small son, Bhadrashila’s story, is an example. He would only speak the word 'Hari.’ He would observe Ekadasi fasting…. He tells his father, "I was King Dharmakirti in my prior life. Per Yama’s words, I am conducting myself this way…."

Dharmakirti once went to see Lord Datta….The Lord tested him for a week quite intensely before he pleased Him and then the Lord taught him all Dharmas. "…It is okay to die while following one’s dharma , but never take to another’s Dharma….Your anger drives people away… Anger is one’s foe….Those who seek merit should always speak pleasingly without hurting another…communicate the truth with creativity and love. Do not reciprocate another’s abuse. If you do, their sin will attach to you….You will become like the company you keep…."

Slowly, however, the king lost faith in the words of Datta after allowing the wicked in the kingdom, to get close to him. Lord Datta is Avadhoota. He can do anything. Dharmakirti gave up charity, honouring instead, murderers, gamblers and criminals. He bestowed wealth on these people…. Lord Datta invisibly was observing his behaviour.

Once he was out hunting and lost his way. His horse died, he fell and injured, was unable to walk. He could not even drink the water from a nearby river. He noticed some sages walking into a temple but was too weak to call them. He saw them observing Ekadasi and suddenly remembered Lord Datta’s teachings about Ekadashi…He deeply regretted his actions, tormented by hunger and disease. ….He soon died and reached Yama’s abode….When Lord Yama heard that he had received upadesha from Lord Datta, suddenly his anger cooled…..Dharmakirti attained Vaikuntha, since Lord Dattatreya had never left him, but enabled him to observe the vrata and die on that day….Then he was reborn as son of Galava. Bhadrasila told his father, “ Devotion to Hari alone is the panacea for samsara. When the mind is pure with Hari’s name, one attains liberation.” Galava then happily supported his son’s efforts to attain liberation.

Greatest fruit

This is Datta’s way of uplifting his devotee. …He works constantly without sleep or rest to uplift devotees. This is the greatest fruit that devotees get. What else does one need? May all your sins be removed. May our sufferings be removed. May you find accomplishment in your tasks. …” Datta Datta Narayana...

Spellbound audience imbibing Sri Datta Tattwa at Sri Vishwaroopa Datta Kshetra, Ganagapura.

"There have been some unforgettable events here," Pujya Sri Bala Swamiji! ... So beautifully, Swamiji is giving us Darshana as Sri Datta! ...Nowhere else do we see this Marakata Datta as we see here. ...Datta Saptaha, Datta Koti Homa, Pakuka Darshana, Vishwaroopa Darshana, Pujas and satsanghs etc....Let us pray for universal welfare...." Our Sadguru Sri Appaji requests all devotees to chant Datta Stava, read Datta Darshanam, and imbibe Sri Datta’s teachings in our daily lives.

THDM also urges all to view the Videos on fb Avadhoota Datta Peetham Live in Ganagapura, ( )

and have Darshan of our Sadguru Datta while He delivers the full Datta Saptaha discourses ---- no words do justice to such awe-inspiring sessions--a rare gift by the living Sri Dattatreya, our Sri Appaji!

We pray our Sadguru Datta to excuse our mistakes and accept this token offering to His Lotus Feet, with all our Love, with Koti Pranams, THDM team.

Jaya Guru Datta, Sri Guru Datta

Photo Credits : Avadoota Datta Peetham

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