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Butter for Sri Krishna! Anyone?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Why offer saltless Butter? Sri Krishna, with His true, divine beauty attracts us like the bright planet Venus. In astrology, Venus represents purity. Butter is also associated with the planet Venus. So worshipping Sri Krishna with saltless butter means we pray the Lord to cleanse us and make us compassionate, with pure hearts soft as butter. Just as butter is white, our heart needs to be spotless. The best examples of purity are the pativratas of Hindu Dharma like Sati Anasuya, Savitri, Sita, and the Gopika Radha. We should symbolically cleanse ourselves of anger, pride, greed, envy, hatred and ego in heart and mind with a special saltless butter offering on 29th August 2021.(pos TT)

In DYC Trinidad 1992

As we celebrate Krishna Janmashtami on 29th August, some lucky devotees may remember that this occasion was celebrated in the Dattatreya Yoga Centre, in 1992, with Sri Swamiji. This memory reveals that when Sadguru Datta resolves to bless, is there anything to prevent it? No, most certainly not, even when in confusion we may make a mistake, and also, even when we think that our Sadguru does not know us! Like Sri Krishna, Sadguru's compassion is boundless! In the words of one devotee,

“In 1992, for one week we were very fortunate to have Sri Swamiji as we called Him then, in Trinidad! On 21st August, at 6.00p.m, the Krishna Janmashtami Program starts with Krishna Pooja and Homa. After a cultural program with classical music, Datta bhajans, dance, traditional bhajans with local rhythm, and a steelband solo from Sheetal Persad (a performer who, though born and raised in Trinidad, has been living in Canada, and later Mysuru for many years), Sri Swamiji speaks about Sri Krishna choosing people for Datta’s Grace! Then He materialises a chain from a flower mala and gives it to Sheetal! From 10.45pm. till12.00 midnight all music lovers are treated to Sri Swamiji’s musical creations, so original, so sublime, the likes of which were not common here before!”

“We had experienced Sri Swamiji’s humorous side before, with his lively story-telling including jokes, comical gestures and dramatic mood changes, often causing us to roll with laughter. But on that auspicious night, my loving Sadguru was Sri Krishna incarnate in front of my eyes! At midnight, He makes us all chant loudly, “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”, then, as we continue the chant, He suddenly gets down from the stage, followed by one of His Pariwar who holds a plate with butter prasadam. He stops chant and the chanting of the congregation also fades into a halt. To me, He appeared as a boyish, young, impish Sri Krishna in His saffron sari, as He playfully begins smearing butter on devotees, to the laughter of the most responsive gathering! He did not speak but row by row, He walked, a happy, sometimes playful expression on His face-- stopping before selected devotees.

I was sitting in one of the back rows, with my toddler son asleep on my lap, so could not see clearly what He was doing every time He stopped, but amidst the laughter, heard the announcement that He was blessing some devotees with butter and not to touch Sri Swamiji. To my great delight, He stops before me, but I was so overcome with utter joyful confusion at His mischievous, enchanting smile that I missed His gesture to open my mouth! Instead, I put out my hand to collect the butter prasadam from His Hands, and was trembling with inner bliss as He gestured to me to share with my baby also! Afterwards, I realised that He was feeding some devotees with butter from His own hands straight into their mouths, and I was one of them selected, but so joyful I felt that it did not matter that I received it in my hand instead, as He had still fed me His divine Krishna bliss anyway! Never before had anything nourished my soul as that butter from my Sadguru Sri Krishna!”


In New Jersey USA 2003

We are very happy to recall and share also, the following discourse on Krishna Janmashtami in 2003 in the States when our Sadguru worshipped the Lord with saltless butter!

Photo Credit ; Avadootha Datta Peetham

“ Today is Krishna Janmashtami. I am very happy that the New Jersey devotees got the chance to celebrate it with me. It is a very important and sacred day.

Krishna’s story is fascinating and is a wonderful story. When Vyasa was unhappy after the completion of the 18 Puranas (scriptural stories), Narada suggested that Vyasa write about Lord Vishnu’s incarnations. So, Vyasa chronicled the stories of Vishnu’s incarnations. Vyasa wrote about creation, sustenance and the destruction of all that exists. In that Bhagavata, Krishna’s story is the most important one. Krishna was born on Ashtami day. Ashtami sounds similar like Kashtami (difficulties). Krishna in fact removed the darkness. Arjuna was one of the important beneficiaries of Krishna’s lecture. Arjuna means one who seeks. The pure sky on a sunny day was the color of Krishna. Krishna’s story is a magnificent story. I recommend that you all read and study the BHAGAVATA PURANA book. Krishna’s Bhagavad Gita involves teaching Arjuna. It is for all those who seek. Bhagavad Gita teaches various methods of approach to the God Head – Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga.

Krishna’s teachings to his friend Uddhava are called Uddhava Gita. There is another Gita called UTTARA GITA. These Gitas constitute the great teachings for the whole of mankind. Not just for Hindus. It shows that Krishna alone is JAGADGURU. Krishna’s playing of flute reflects the Vaayu Tattva. Krishna is sometimes adorned with Kaashi PEETHAMBARA (silk clothes with heavy embroidery). It means the entire universe is his attire. He gave Darshan as Vishva Rupa or the showing of his giant form, which depicted all that which is perceivable. The jingle of his anklets are the sound of all the living beings.

16,000 wives

Many wonder why Krishna had 16,000 wives. They think that if Lord Krishna had 16,000, could I not have at least two or three? If you compare yourself to Krishna, then you cannot have even one wife for your entire life cycle of your soul. It could mean millions of births. The 16,000 Gopikas are the nerves in the body. These Gopikaas are the Gosais (wandering ascetics) in a previous life, who craved for the child Krishna’s affection and attention. These Gosais who had prayed for Krishna’s attention were born as Gopikas and Krishna blessed them with his attention and affection.

Gopikas are those with desires. Those with desires are always women. Krishna is the only male, (Pumsa Mohana Ruupaaya). Because we always have desires and wishes, you are always Gopikas. Seeking Moksha is also a kind of begging and praying. That is why the great Namadev says: “I don’t want Moksha. I don’t want Vaikuntha. I want to be born again and again on this earth. I am prepared to face the challenges of life. I ask for this because I will have an opportunity to chant Your name”.

Going to Vaikuntha means, no cinema, no baseball, no family, and no social life. There will be only smiles and happiness. So, you may think twice before seeking Moksha. There’s no bank balance in Vaikuntha. You don’t know life without money. So, you don’t aspire to it. The more you want Moksha, the more difficult it is to get. If you have good health and wealth, then EGO takes over. You get so busy that you do not find time to think, contemplate and pray. One day when some misfortune happens, then you look for Swamis and Gurus. Up until then you think that you are just too busy. Busy doing what? Doing things that bring you more and more desires. You even lose touch with family and friends. You know that they exist only when you get an email from them. All your affection and love is through e-greetings and e-mails. Internet love. So, the ease of electronic communication is causing distance and distraction.

Don't delay prayers

Pray to God before you get old. Don’t delay your prayers until old age. That day may never come. No one knows how long they will live. Friends and family can accompany you only as far as the grave. Good deeds and bad deeds are our constant companions through our long journey of life and after death. Your house, Mercedes car, plasma TV and sofas will not go with you. Your wife or lover will not go. Not only that but even your body will not go. This body that you spent hours decorating, which makes you act like a monkey in front of a mirror, it too must be left behind.

I saw a movie, which shows the various facial expressions and body language for average human experiences in one day. It is so comical. Yet when confronted with spirituality, you counter question the person, suspecting his motives. As if to say: “Do you think I am a fool?”

It is a fortunate day that Swamiji is here with you for Krishna Janmashtami in this school auditorium. Once again I bless you and advise you to read Bhagavad Gita. Read one Shloka a day. Those teachings can be of great help to you and your family life. Read the Bhagavata also. I spoke Tamil in Madras for seven days on Bhagavatha. It made me feel very happy. The laughter and tears just flow. One day may you all get the opportunity to listen to those speeches live here in USA. In Trinidad, Swamiji spoke on the great Rishis of India. Three thousand people attended every day.

Anyway, I bless you all. I know you cannot give up your life here and go to Himalayas to do Tapas. But I urge you to be compassionate and considerate to yourself and others in life.

Butter—inner meaning, Brahma principle

We did Puja with Navaneetha today. Navaneetha means butter. Where does butter come from? It comes from the churning of the heated milk, which is curdled. Only then does it become butter. It is hidden in milk but it is not evident, even though it is there. Like butter in the milk, we too carry that Brahma principle within us. We have to prepare ourselves and churn our thoughts to bring out that great understanding of Brahma. Only then does the Jagadguru, Lord Krishna, remove the butter within us. He consumes the sin in us. He steals our darkness, which causes us to be ignorant. He appropriates the hearts of the people by taking away their untrue nature. Thus the butter comes out. Unwanted things, which block our vision and thoughts, are stolen from us. That is why Krishna is called as Navaneeta Chora. I will sing some Bhajans. Saying so, Sri Swamiji manifests Vibhooti from the garland that adorned Sadgurudeva.

Source: Discourse on August 19, 2003.

Jaya Guru Datta!

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to everyone!

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