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Life transformation- best miracle!

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

The truth about Sadguru Datta is that HE is always trying to bless his sincere seekers. HE acts as a guiding presence operating in the intellect, strengthening discrimination and detachment. Deep insights are sown from within about the spiritual development of oneself and like lotuses they emerge from within when you are under the divine spell of Shri Datta Prabhu. He aligns the sadhaka with experiences to reveal various potentials within themselves. Mukunda Datta a deeply devout bhakta from Magnolia, Arkansas, USA puts a handle on a few of his experiences.

Jaya Guru Datta!!!

Jaya Veera Anjaneya!!!!

Northen California, Bay Area.

At Jesus Datta Retreat Centre in earlier years.

I remember following Appaji about on part of His tour maybe around 2003. The location was in Northern California (Bay Area) in someone's house there. There was a small crowd in the house, Appaji requested a bowl of water and was holding a small clear quartz crystal. Everyone was lining up and I joined the line. Appaji would dip the crystal in the water and write some symbol in the person's hand. My turn came and Appaji drew the symbol on my hand. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I did not notice anything unusual.

Little did I know, Late Gita Balai took a picture at the moment that Appaji was drawing the symbol on my hand. She sent me the developed picture and when the film was developed it plainly showed a bolt of lightning like energy going from Appaji’s little finger to the floor. This was in the days before digital cameras were everywhere. No photoshop.

All of these “Miracles” that Devotees experience like materializations of coins, Malas etc. are great, grand and wonderful to experience, both as the individual having the experience and those lucky ones that get to witness these happenings. There are other Miracles that take longer to witness. That is the transformation of the Sincere Devotee from who they were when they first met Appaji and again in this lifetime to several years down the road. These are the Real Miracles. The dropping of bad habits, addictions and attachments. Because we want to hold onto these old things that do not help us in any way, we experience pain. Then we wonder why we are in pain. Silly us.

He puts in a vast amount of effort to inspire change in His Devotees. He gives a variety of ways for us to realize our mistakes and He initiates change in unlimited ways. He offers us Ashrams and Temples. He offers us Sadhana. He offers us SGS POSTS. He offers us Sponsorship opportunities. He offers us various Pujas, Homas and Yagnas. He offers us Bhagavatam, Ramayana, Guru Gita... Pick one or two or three or more. Whatever appeals to us. Slowly we can understand.

Appaji’s Guidance, Direction and Protection are easily recognizable by His Devotees. They come in unlimited forms. For example, one time when I lived in New Orleans I was walking through the French Quarter and heard someone yell “LOOK!” When I turned around to look there was a scruffy old black man looking at me with an intense stare. I quickly turned around to avoid contact with yet another street person in the Quarter. As soon as I turned around, I realized that it was Appaji coming in the form of this old man. I immediately turned around and he was gone. I looked all around, and he was nowhere to be found. Only one second had elapsed before I turned back around to look at the old man again. How could he disappear so fast? Only because it was Appaji and not just some old man hollering to “look. What was the reason for Appaji to show up like this? Only He knows the reasons why He Graces His Devotees with Darshan. Why did I have to be so dull and not recognize Appaji quicker? Karma.

South India

Mukunda Datta after Kumbhabishekham at Baton Rouge Temple with Vedic pandits and NRI Brahmins.

This reminds me of another similar experience. I was in either Hyderabad or Vijayawada. Can’t remember which. I had just arrived by train and needed to buy a bus ticket to my next destination. The bus station and train station are next to each other. I was walking from the train station to the bus station and looked up to see a beggar sitting to the side of the walkway shaking a can with some coins in it. He was a pitiful sight to see. He was filthy with ragged clothes, sores all over his body and it appeared that his eyes had been freshly gouged out. The empty sockets where his eyes had been were wet and oozing blood and puss. Horrible and frightening to look at.

As I came closer, he honed in on me and began to come towards me, scooting along the ground and shaking his can. How can someone without eyes chase after someone? Why me? I made evasive movements, but he was able to chase after me. I had to run to get away from him. I got the bus ticket and realized that I had to pass this beggar again. Again, he chased me down and I ran away. At the time I did not understand what was happening. I was freaking out! I did not want him to touch me.

Now I understand what the Great Devotee Vishnu Datta felt. Our Dattatreya Guru was trying to Bless me and all I could do was run away. What a fool I have been. Why couldn’t I drop a few rupees in His can?

The good news is that our all compassionate Sadguru HH Sri Sri Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji gives more chances. Thankfully His Compassion is beyond our human understanding. I pray that I will be able to recognize Him immediately next time.

Wishing all the best to my Trinidad and Worldwide Datta Family.

Mukunda Datta

Sri Guru Datta!!!

Om Namo Hanumate Namah!!!!!

Video Courtesy Hanuman Hoffman

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