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“The head of the elephant”

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Recently on ‘Live’, Sri Appaji spoke on the greatness of Ganapathy who is Sachidananda, Truth, Existence and Bliss….On ‘Live’ also He does Sankashtahara Ganapathi puja every month. It all started with His union with Ganapathy who is included in His name, and whom He worships every Sunday with Homa, for the benefit of devotees, no matter where in the world his travels take him! ** Ganesha Chaturthi on Friday, September 10, 2021**

A Unique, thrilling Brahmopadesham (Sacred Thread Ceremony.)

Normal age for sacred thread Ceremony 7

‘Every night when Sri Swamiji’s mother Jayalakshmi Amma was a young girl, she was always singing bhajans to Lord Ganesh. The fruit of her devotion to Lord Ganesh passed on to Satyam (the young Sri Swamiji), who at 16, wanted to go to Nanjangud to get his Sacred Thread ceremony conducted. Previously, Linganna his grandfather felt he could not afford it yet at home…. So the young Satyam was becoming anxious as He was getting older…. One day he explained to his grandfather, “….There are 16 kinds of refinements (Samskaras) for one who is born as a Brahmin. They must be done. If there is no Upanayanam he has no Brahminism. He doesn’t deserve to perform religious observances. Upanayanam means to take nearer to God. That is why it is called a second birth of the person…. It is related to God and Bhakti, pure devotion towards Him…. It is not related with people joining together and enjoying a feast….So I must get Upanayanam performed….” On His insistence, his Upanayanam was fixed on the same day of Upanayanams at Nanjangud.’ (where free, mass Upanayanam was going to be performed.)

Finally the Thread Ceremony

Photo Credit ; Avadootha Datta Peetham

‘……..On the auspicious day and time selected by the elders Seshagiri Sastry (Sri Swamiji’s uncle) and Sharadamma Aunty finally sat to start the proceedings. (at their home). It was conducted with least pomp. The elders noticed some difference in Satyam that day. He was very quiet and they wondered why. Sastry, holding his nephew’s hand said, “Oh young Brahmin, ‘Fire is your guru. I am now offering you to Agni, Soma, Savitur, Saraswathi, Mruthyu, Yama, Gada, Antaka, Water, Medicinal herbs and Earth. May they protect you.”… The time to give ‘Brahmopadesham’ was approaching fast. Krishna Swami, the officiating priest, was conducting the homas, ‘Yoge Yoge.’*

“Uncle, Ganapathi has come. I am going. ” Satyam got up suddenly to go to the next room. Sastry thought he meant one of his friends called Ganapathi. He said, “ You should not leave your seat in the middle of the ceremony. Sit back.” Satyam waited for one moment only, and said in a restless tone of voice, “Uncle, he is swinging his trunk and asking me to come. I must go.” Satyam ran to the door of the next room and stood in front of that door and started offering salutations and stood muttering something. Krishna Swamy, the priest, went quickly behind him, and holding his hands, said fondly, “ My dear boy, do not play now like a madcap. Do not be foolish. You have to come now and meditate on Gayatri Devi, the Universal Mother.”’

“Look here, can’t you see the head of the elephant with a single tusk, long trunk and a big belly? He is leaning against the door. Can’t you see him?” Satyam replied joyfully. Seshagiri Sastry, who had also reached there heard him as well. Both elders looked at the door, perplexed. They could see the reflection of the head of the elephant and its trunk, but not the form, on the door to the room. And even the shadow disappeared within seconds. Satyam was listening keenly to something with folded hands as if listening to what Ganapati was saying, and silently repeating some mantras.’

‘After a couple of minutes he went back….The function continued. Sastry and Aunty completed their part in the homa and he was initiated into the Gayatri . They gave a Danda to Satyam and made him worship the Sun God….It was left for Satyam to complete the fire ceremony. Satyam recited the following prayer to the deity in Sanskrit:

“The one whose form is vast and indescribable, who is the father of the Vedas, the Fire God, I offer you these articles. Please accept these and bless me. Just like you are prospering with these articles offered to you, bless me with longevity, inner glow, knowledge, prosperity, children, cattle and Brahmavarchas.” ’

The fire suddenly grew up to four times its size. There was a sudden flash like thousands of lightnings had entered the room. It lasted only a fraction of a second, but for Satyam, it felt like hours of peaceful rest; he was absorbed in true BLISS! The brilliant light was like a small lamp to his eyes. In the shadow of that light, he saw a massive, blissfully sweet form.

Iskon image of 14 lokas only for education

14 Worlds

In it he could see the entire universe, the 14 worlds, both moving and unmoving, the seen and the unseen worlds as its parts. It was a wonderful sight to see! He had seen it once with Amma. The difference was that then with Amma, when it became smaller, he had seen the small “Kodanda Rama.” This time when it became small he could see the head of the Elephant!

The others in the room experienced only a momentary flash of light and with their eyes dazzled, were stunned by the experience. They were speechless! After two minutes, Satyam reminded them to proceed with the rest of the ritual…. The Upanayanam was completed. Satyam took up the Gayatri mentally and sat quiet for awhile. His mind was immersed in the inner vision. He could still hear some Mantras. He heard them repeatedly three times. The meaning of one mantra was,

“The One who blesses with the fulfilment of the sadhana, who illumines perfectly the intellect, who resides in the heart of the yogis, on that Ganapathi, I meditate with single-minded concentration!”

(Adapted from: ‘Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’s Life History.’)

*Saama Veda mantra 163 says-“Yoge yoge Indram uteye hawamahe—“

The divine word yoge relates in the matter of practicing Ashtanga Yoga. When we learn and do yoga practice of Aasan, Pranayam etc .Indram -Almighty God, uteye-protection from evils like immoral sex, anger, pride etc., control on five senses and five organs and the false materialistic affairs .

Hawamahe-we call or remember the God. Therefore the meaning of this Veda mantra is that when a devotee is fully emerged to study and practice eighth fold path of Yoga philosophy doing Aasan, pranayam and meditation etc., he must remember God doing worship, admire and pray seeking protection from the hidden foes, the evils of the Yoga stated above .

** Ganesha Chaturthi on Friday, September 10, 2021 Madhyahna Ganesha Puja Muhurat - 10:50 AM to 12:27 PM Duration - 01 Hour 38 Mins

On previous day September 9th-- time to avoid Moon sighting - 02:48 PM to 08:27 PM, Duration - 05 Hours 39 Mins

Time to avoid Moon sighting on September10th - 09:06 AM to 09:13 PM Duration - 12 Hours 07 Mins

from Drik Panchang for POS TT.

Ganesh Visarjan on Sunday, September 19,2021


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